Saturday, May 15, 2010

George Reker's second rent boy! More than just another Z list celebrity.....

Well, nobody ever accused me of being professional, but not credible? Let’s not go there! I welcome the opportunity to respond to any legitimate claim that I have ever told a lie about anything. Bring it on. If there is one thing I pride myself in, it is the honesty that I bring to my citizen journalism. I am a public figure, and I’ve often laughed about my own, self professed, Z list celebrity status. I know my place in the world. Here are some basic facts about me that you may find surprising.

1) I have only one conviction on my criminal record, and that is from 1986. I was sentenced to a year of supervision after I punched a guy in the face for calling me a bitch.

2) I do not profit from any of my online activities. The software and samples I use to create my songs, videos and graphics, exceed thousands of dollars, which I have paid, over the course of the last few years. Neither my CD sales, nor adsense revenue from my website or video hosting site have come close to covering the cost of the software used to create them. Therefore, I am not seeking any monetary profit from my online activism. What little revenue that is generated through my online media is currently used to cover the cost of domain registration and site hosting. If you think I am getting rich on my LGBT demographic, think again. My friends are not stupid. I do not beg for money. What I give them costs absolutely nothing for them to enjoy, and pays me nothing monetarily.

3) I am not a member of any LGBT organization. I am an independent artist. I choose to be independent, in order to be free of the corporate binds that tie up so many media outlets and control what we see and hear, in the news. This independence affords me, as an individual, all the freedom of the press, as well as the individual rights covered under the US constitution, regarding free speech and expression. I am not contracted with any commercial entity, nor do I wish to be. My goal is not to become a TV star. My goal is to have a lasting affect on the LGBT movement for equality, by providing uniquely informative and under reported news stories with my own, personal commentary. I’m the rogue, Internet version of Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman,, and Lou Dobbs, rolled into one big mouthed, bisexual package. The difference is, there is no corporation cutting me a check, so you can be sure that I am telling you the truth, as I see it. I cannot be bought.

4) I didn’t just get over 44,000 myspace friends overnight. I’m not just a has been who never was. I have actively reached out to gays and lesbians on myspace since 2007, when I was the host of a local FM radio show, which I produced, entirely, called “Techno-Tronica Live”. Before I was asked to resign from my voluntary position as a show host at WRLR 98.3 LPFM Round Lake Heights, IL, I had built up quite a following on myspace. I began blogging about anything and everything, and reading blogs by friends. I began to understand the potential uses of social networking as a method of grass roots activism. I was asked to host a radio show for RGIN, (Radio Gay International Network). Click the following link to hear my pod cast:

I began pod casting my show, which aired, live, with a webcam chat, twice a week, for months. I had a free Podomatic account that locked up because listeners had gone over the bandwidth included in the free package. I decided I needed to go bigger, if I was really going to reach everyone who wanted to hear what I had to say. After leaving RGIN, I started producing “Naked Truth Gay News In Review”, my online video series.

The concept of Naked Truth Gay News In Review….

The whole idea came to me one day when I was relaxing in my Jacuzzi. As I watched my friends list on myspace grow into the thousands, I wondered how I could keep all these people happy. What could I do, or say that would make every one of them feel like they are a part of my world? How could I capture and keep the attention of thousands of people, online, who never met me before? Then, it hit me, BAM! I could make a video series, right here at home, in which I tell them everything I would tell any friend over the phone. Most of my friends added me because I am so vocal about LGBT equality, so it only made sense to cover the gay news. But what kind of gay news, and how to cover it? I relied heavily on the blogosphere and for news stories that the mainstream media wasn’t covering, or just not covering enough of, or from the right angle. I gave each story my own, unique twist and shared my pithy opinions on each, sometimes not with much pleasure. My friends loved it so much that they started sharing my videos with their friends, who added me on myspace, and that’s how it all got to where it is today. The videos are amateur, I admit. I have an HD handi cam, but I actually prefer the raw look of a webcam. Someday, it will be retro, and maybe, when equality is shared by all, historians will look back and actually give citizen journalists like me a little credit for furthering our movement, and not backing down to political or corporate interests. Maybe…….

For now, let it not be ignored that the gay mafia has never taken me into the fold. I am not one of the voices that the select few, in charge of who gets airtime, want you to hear. I’m just not gay enough to appear on Ellen, or LOGO, and I’m no where near straight enough to show up on anything else. I guess the only good thing about being me is that I can get recognized by my LGBT family, almost anywhere, but yet I’m not typecast as anybody’s “it” boy. I am my own man, and it will always be that way. Regardless who likes it or not. That being said, I’ve heard a wild rumor that there are people who claim they never heard of me. Hmmm. Well, obviously, you don’t have any LGBT friends on myspace, cause last I checked almost every LGBT person on there has. Before last week, I had never heard the name George Rekers mentioned in any gay media, nor had I ever heard of an organization called Truth Wins Out. If you’ve read this far, well, you have heard of me. In fact, you’ve heard from the only authoritative source. I’ve got no agent, no record label, no desire for 15 minutes of fame as a gay whore, and certainly no interest in making any money on any cause I fight for. So there!

In my next episode of Naked Truth Gay News In Review, I will be investigating the Gay Mafia, in attempt to answer the following questions. Tell me what you think. Leave a comment below.

1) Is there a gay mafia?

2) What would be the purpose of a gay mafia?

3) Who’s running the gay mafia, and who sponsors them?

4) Is the gay mafia doing more harm than good, with regards to the LGBT movement for equality in the USA?

5) Are gay voices being silenced or censored by the gay mafia? If so, how? And why?

6) Does the gay mafia actually perpetuate gay on gay hate?

I’ll also be addressing the whole ex-gay movement, and including real video footage of a man who not only founded one of the most prominent ex gay foundations, he left it in 1979 to be with his gay lover, and still speaks out against the atrocities that continue to occur there. You won’t want to miss the next show, which I anticipate will be uploaded to on May 21st, to coincide with the launching of a Canadian web syndicate that will be adding my videos to their program line up. Some of you may remember some pod casts I did for last year called “Naked Truth World News In Review”, in which I discussed world news stories and then ranted about them, in my usual way. The site is going global and expanding into television and radio, and they want to take my little gay news series with them. You will not notice any changes in my Gay News format, and there will be no censorship of my reports by anyone. No financial contracts have been signed, and I am under no obligation to perform to anybody’s expectations, other than my own. That’s the way I like it.

Here’s the last episode of the show:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The gay mafia strikes again, this time with deafening silence...

A few blogs ago, I talked about the “Gay Mafia” and how they seem to shun me. This couldn’t be clearer than it is right now. When I came forward about the sexual encounter I had with George Rekers, the gay media ate it up and spread it like a barebacker with AIDS. Now, they are calling for a coalition of LGBT organizations to stand behind Rekers Rent Boy. Lucien, the escort pictured watching Rekers handle his own luggage, has gays lining up to offer him all the help he needs. I am so glad that he has people looking out for him. Personally, I have no need for any legal services, and Rekers can sue me and lose, all the way to town. What I want to know is this. Would it hurt any of these, so called, activists for equality, to e mail me and ask, “Chaz, how are you doing?” I guess my dick size and safe sex interests are good enough to turn Rekers on, but I’d have to get a time machine and go back to being a 20 year old twink if I really expect any LGBT organization to give a damn about my feelings or how I might be holding up.

Maybe it’s because I’m bi. The biggest secret in the LGBT community is that the BT are at the end of that acronym because they are truly not a part of the community, as a whole. Unless the majority want to fuck you, or view you as relationship material, they don’t do shit for you. I spent the greater part of my young, adult life getting sucked off for food because of fags like this who won’t give anyone a hand up unless they can get a hand down his pants. I am done with you fuckers! When my side of this story is finally proven, it will be a cold day in hell before I ever become a spokesperson for any agency that doesn’t give a shit about me today, and they can take that to the fucking bank and make a deposit today! I am filled with LGBT pride, but I have to say that the organizations that are supposed to assist us against discrimination, are only assisting themselves to the LOGO network and any TV appearance they can get to raise money. Money that is not being used properly, in my opinion. I used to donate to the ACLU, until the one time I needed advice and they turned me away. Now, I donate to nobody, period. I look at it this way. These assholes aren’t helping me finance the cost of raising my children, why the hell should I help them finance their worthless organization that will never bring anything better to our lives at all? We can donate thousands of dollars to these organizations, or we can give it directly to someone in need. I find the latter far more affective, and life changing.

Just who do these “equality” foundations really work for? Have you ever received any assistance from them for a false arrest by a cop who just wanted to harass a homo? Have you ever been offered the pro bono services of a civil rights lawyer after being fired from a job? Of course not. Unless your case makes big headlines or involves a potential damage settlement that is quite large, these fags don’t even wanna know you exist! That’s not equality. That’s opportunism. If this is the example that the gay mafia is setting for our community, then it’s no wonder there is so much inter-discrimination among us. If you’re not in the mainstream headlines, they’re not going to use you to advertise how much they care about “the average gay”. No ad revenue? No representation! Simple as that. Most “charities” are just money laundering facades.

The LGBT community is filled with fuck ups and double standards, just like every other community. Christians back bite, judge and hate on each other. Hispanics differentiate between high and low class by the shade of skin. Jews look down on anyone marrying, outside the religion, and so on. Gays are no different. Lesbians hate gay men. Gay men hate lesbians. Gays hate bisexuals, and gays, lesbians and bisexuals often refuse to get along with the transgendered among us. It is this divisiveness that has kept us all down for so long. When we finally get to a point, in which we all view each other as equal, we will be on a direct route to equality. Until then, we’re just a bunch of bitches, fighting each other, against our own common cause. Being bisexual does not mean I am confused. The confused person is the one who thinks that where I put my dick is any of his or her business. It no longer shocks me, how fast gay men jump to bash me for being bi, without a second thought of how much bashing they get for being gay. Look in the mirror before bashing anyone, and if you look closely enough, you will realize that nobody has the right to judge anyone who enjoys consenting sex with another adult. Sex workers are people too. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s the oldest profession in history. I’ve never met a sexually active adult who hasn’t either paid for or exchanged sex for something of value to them. We are all whores, to some degree. The most common whore is the love whore. The love whore will do things they don’t want to do, in order to keep their love alive. They have sex with a headache, or let their partner choose a position they don’t prefer. What do they get in return for their sexual favors? They get relationship security. When I was a sex worker, I only wanted security. The security that comes from knowing you will survive another week, because you just managed to feed yourself. Unlike the love whore, I was always up front and honest about what I wanted and what I was willing to give. Most sex workers are very honest people. It’s society who wants to label them as scum. It’s like the gay marriage issue really. Somehow, some gays seem to think that where I put my penis has an affect on who they are and who they love and how they love them. Unless I’m sticking it in your husband, who I have sex with, and why, is nobody’s business.

Gays need to stop hating on Christians too. There are many gay Christians out there who want to continue their faith. It is not an oxymoron. You can be gay and Christian, and live a perfectly normal, happy life. There are enough fake Christians out there, discriminating like the devil. We don’t need non spiritual gays bashing as well. I am not a Christian, but I’ll be damned if I will sit back and let anyone bash someone who is. So leave people to believe whatever they choose, as long as it’s not hurting you. And if you are a Christian, don’t let these scandals get you down. If anything, it should only serve to remind you that God created us all, even the closet cased preachers who hate on us.

Oh, and one last thing. Dan Savage is a gay activist with a huge following. He is clumping Rekers into the same basket as Ted Haggard. For as famous as any, individual, gay activist may be, they do not represent us all. The fact is that Ted Haggard has become a strong advocate for equality and a friend to gays. It’s just cold hearted and unforgiving to keep twisting a knife in his back, after all these years. There comes a time when people who have made mistakes are done paying for them. It’s time for Savage and others like him to get over it. If these, most famous, activists among us, had been talking about the current enemies of the LGBT community, and putting faces like Rekers in the spotlight, I would have come forward long ago. The reason I do my gay news videos is because of this very fact. The gay mafia controls what you read on their corporate sites. They are partially to blame for our current lack of rights. If they would focus on those who are actively fighting our equality, rather than continuing to beat a dead horse, perhaps we can actually make a difference! Until then, they are just a bunch of corrupt squirrels trying to get a nut! I am filled with gay pride, but I am deeply ashamed of the Gay Mafia and the double standards by which they operate these organizations that actually keep us down, more than they lift us up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am the original Rekers Rent Boy!!!!

Are you ready for a shocker? I’m not, but here goes. As many of my friend and fans know, I am a former porn star. What I haven’t discussed, at great lengths, is the occupation I used to feed myself in between video gigs. Yes, this is all in my past, but it continually pops up to haunt me, as life goes on. My most recent revelation involves a story that is becoming more prevalent, in the news. When I was young, and down and out, and in desperate need of income, I did some things that I’m not particularly proud of. I was a whore. I used gay magazine ads and a beeper to generate my clientele, which consisted, mainly, of married men. I had my specific limitations, and my rules were very strict. I never kissed, sucked dick, or got fucked. No matter how poor I was, I was not about to risk getting an STD that I couldn’t afford to get rid of. Here’s the shocker. One of my clients was none other than Professor George Rekers. I had no idea, until this story broke, that this man was the anti gay activist that he is. Now that I am aware of the damage he has caused the LGBT community, I realize that it is my responsibility to set the record straight. George Rekers is neither gay, nor straight. He is bisexual, like myself. Unfortunately, Rekers is also at odds with his faith, and therefore cannot come to terms with his sexuality, privately or publicly. You don’t have to take my word for it, and I openly admit that my word is all that I have. Before I describe my encounter with Rekers, in as much detail as possible, I want to make something very clear. I am not Mike Jones. I met Rekers one time only. I am not planning to write a book or do a one man show about my experience with him. I just want to clear the air and point out his hypocrisy, and that of those who are currently attempting to cover for him. Furthermore, Rekers is no Pastor Ted Haggard. Those who know me are aware that Ted Haggard has become a friend of mine. I believe Ted Haggard is a faithful husband to his wife. He is a dedicated Christian, and he is no enemy of gays. Ted Haggard has apologized, extensively, to the LGBT community for any intolerance of us that he caused before he was outted by prostitute Mike Jones. Yes, it’s a small world, friends, but not small enough to equate me to Mike Jones or Ted Haggard to George Rekers. With that in mind, here’s what happened.

In a city, in the USA, when I was in my 20’s, I committed the illegal act of prostitution with a man named George Rekers. To divulge more information regarding the time and place, at this time, would not benefit me, legally. I was sitting in my apartment, watching TV when my pager went off. It was a caller, responding to an ad I had placed in the escort/masseur section of a local gay magazine. The caller was George Rekers, and he told me his real name, a requirement I had for all of my clients who wanted “outcall” service, meaning that I would travel to their hotel for a “session”. If anything happened to me, the clients name and info would be sitting on my dresser for my roommate to find. Rekers was very specific about the kind of service he expected for the $150 he agreed to pay me. He insisted on only safe activity, and repeatedly asked me if I was “clean”, meaning disease free. I assured him that I was. Rekers wanted a full body massage, and he wanted light, sexual contact. He referred to himself as being “very vanilla”, which I later learned means, no oral or anal. As an escort, I remembered clients like this the most because they are easy money. I fulfilled his request, and by the time I was finished, there wasn’t a single part of his body that my hands had not touched. He wanted a light tickling of his skin, just barely touching his skin, as I glided my fingers up and down his spine, all the way into his crack. He shivered with pleasure with every stroke. I wasn’t in the habit of asking my clients any personal questions. I did, however, answer several questions George had for me. He was very curious to know more about my porno career, which, he had not previously been aware of. When I explained it to him, he seemed repulsed when I got into the details of the oral and anal sex scenes. I sensed that George was struggling with his sexuality, but I had no idea that he was a monster, until now.

I don’t care what the world says. They can call me a liar. They can call me a faggot. They can even call me a whore. What you can’t call me is a hypocrite. This is one situation in which I definitely take the side of the rent boy. This young man was just doing his job. He didn’t ask to get his picture taken or to be publicly outted. If you want to come after someone who knows that George Rekers is a closet case, bisexual man who hates himself and everyone else like him, then you can take my word for it. I’m not longer for rent, and I’m not a boy, but I’m no coward. George Rekers is the worst kind of coward, and I hope that others like me, who know this well, will come forward and share the truth about him.

Below is a photo of how I looked when I met George, next to Lucien, his latest Rent Boy all rights reserved.

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