Monday, September 29, 2014

Naked Truth: Was My Brother Murdered?

I can't begin to describe the depth of sorrow and suffering that the tragic loss of my younger brother caused me. The initial shock of losing him hit me so hard I could barely maintain my sanity for a while after. In my grief stricken state, how could I communicate to the world, the injustice that I've suffered for the last 14 years of not knowing how he died? How does one tell the story of tragedy, when one doesn't know the full story himself? How can I answer anyone's questions about how William died, if I never received the answers myself? How can you make someone understand the magnitude of your suffering, if you can't fully comprehend what it is that caused your suffering to begin with?

For fourteen years, I've gone over and over the police reports, the coroners report, and all the notes and documents I've retained that are related to my little brother's death. Try as I might, I cannot locate a single shred of evidence that suggests to me that he actually hung himself. To the contrary. I've found evidence that the suicide tape "found" in his pocket that night had no mention of hanging himself, and completely contradicts the toxicology report, as the video below clearly demonstrates.

Producing, narrating and composing the media for this documentary was the most painstaking experience I've undergone since his death. I've had to relive the memories of the horror of how he was found, hanging, suspiciously, from his favorite tree, next to the pond he dug, with his legs ON THE GROUND. I've had to live with the memories of the police refusing to investigate, when I presented them with clear evidence that contradicted their conclusions. They didn't like my attitude. They didn't HAVE to give me anything. They didn't have to prove my brother hung himself. They only had to convince my family and me that their word was good enough. It might have pacified the rest of my family, but it's not enough for me. It never was, and now, 14 years later, I am setting the record straight,

If the only good thing that comes out of sharing William's story with the world is the public scrutiny and examination of these officials and the truth I'm presenting, it is worth every skipped meal and lost hour of sleep it took me to create. I will find justice in this case, if only in the court of public opinion,

For 14 years, I imagine my adversaries in Washington County Indiana have laughed at me.

"That crazy fag thinks he's smarter than us".

They underestimated me,

"He's a high school graduate. He'll never be intelligent enough to hold us accountable".

They thought time would erase my pain and that I could accept their lies.

"It's been so long, there's nothing he can do about it now,"

They were wrong on all counts.

Perhaps the biggest mistake they made was allowing themselves to believe, for even a second that I am somehow scared of them, I'm not scared of anybody. Let them sue me if anyone feels they have a leg to stand on in court. I have tons of documentation. I was advised from day one by friends with legal experience to keep track of every word spoken by everyone involved, I'd say this video demonstrates my ability to hold on to important documents. If anyone can prove that anything I've said isn't true, then let them post it in a comment below, or make their own video about their own truth. But this is my truth, and I will share it with anyone who cares enough to learn it.

I'm not the same, crying mess they encountered 14 years ago. William's death changed me in ways I am still discovering to this day. I've learned that life is too short to live with a tragic lie weighing me down. William's funeral was the first funeral I had ever been to. Seeing his body in that casket, and not knowing how he really ended up there has caused mental distress, it's true. But it has also given me a stronger appreciation for the truth in general. I live a very honest life. I own every aspect of my self examined life. I'm bisexual. I'm a parent. I'm a husband. I'm a brother. But what kind of brother would I be if I didn't turn every stone I could find on the path to the truth about the tragedy that ended his life? I'm not a rich man. I would never dream of asking anyone for anything. Had I been financially capable, at the time of his death, I would've hired the pathologist I had e mailed after he was buried, and signed the agreement I requested, from the funeral home that buried him, to exhume his body in 2000. I did not have the $6,000 plus it would have cost me. My husband and I had already spent thousands of dollars on his funeral and monument. William was embalmed and his body prepared for the funeral before I could arrive in KY to see his body. I have so many e mails of correspondence I had back and forth with lawyers and medical examiners I sought out online, asking their opinions on the limited evidence I was provided by the authorities. I have letters I wrote to the media, the ACLU and others which went without response. Nobody would listen. Nobody cared. I was just a grief stricken brother with a crazy conspiracy theory, who was living in denial. Nobody takes the time to read anything anymore, Most people who clicked this blog link probably went straight to the pics and video. That's why I chose the cover photo. Sure, some people will be scared to share it, but for every one person who does, many more will actually click play and watch. If I've learned anything in my years of online romping, it's how to push the envelope and suck viewers in with a mysterious headline and a graphic image. This artistic nude, shot of William is irresistible to anyone who loves beauty, mystery and truth. And now that I have your attention......

With everything I've done, every letter I've written, every media outlet I've reached out to with this story, and every document I've mulled over incessantly, I've still felt a sense of inadequacy. I know that people will criticize me for not doing enough, but, real or not, I have lived with that feeling since the moment I learned of his death. There are a million "what ifs", and only one Naked Truth. I don't believe this video is the final stone. My hope is that it will inspire someone, who knows something to come forward and break the chain of silence that has surely weakened over the past 14 years. Who is going to take the rap now that the cat is out of the bag? How will they cover their tracks, now that the real evidence is truly going to be summoned by the public, who hold them accountable? How will they respond? Since none of them were concerned with how my brother died before, who will be the first to re open the case, now that everyone in their community is aware of this deception? Being totally honest, I feel a small sense of justice has already been served. None of the authorities featured in the video have contacted me, nor do I anticipate they will. And while it's very clear that they have never spent a second trying to imagine what it must like to be in my situation, I can't help but smile when I think of the one they've created for themselves. I'm just the delivery boy. The local paper wouldn't carry the story, so I went ahead and presented it to you myself. If the truth makes their home town feel like a prison, in which everyone is looking at them knowingly, then perhaps a tiny bit of the justice that is to come is already shining through, One thing is for sure, Between my blog, my videos and my social networks of tens of thousands of friends and admirers of my Naked Truth video series, all of these officials will have a permanent google problem, Long after I am dead, this video will be a part of my legacy, as a truth seeker, and the kind of big brother I have always aspired to be to William. Like my brothers body, my tattoos will fade, and all physical evidence of my existence will disappear, and yet, my image will live on, eternally, in cyberspace, and so will my voice, telling his truth.

I thank God for the resources I have to bring this video to you and tell my story so clearly. I can honestly say, as with all Naked Truth videos, that William inspired all this. In 2000, shortly after realizing that nobody was going to investigate his death, I wrote a newsletter called Naked Truth. I posted a photo of my own naked ass on the top, and I explained this whole story in it. I printed and distributed the newsletter, by hand to hundreds of residents of Washington County. If I never produce another video in my life, I can honestly say that I've already served my purpose as a producer. It's as if this was my mission and my purpose has been served. But I do not want to go to my grave without knowing how William died and holding everyone responsible for this injustice  accountable.

I have faith in God. I have faith in the truth. I have faith in William. So please help me find justice for him by sharing the following video with the hashtag #justiceforwilliam

Friday, September 19, 2014

Are Washington County Indiana officials covering up a murder?

Dear residents of Washington County Indiana, and all National media outlets reading this, and of course judge Robert Bennett and county coroner Rondale Brishaber, who this blog is really about.

Judge Robert Bennett

Coroner Rondale Brishaber

On April 19, 2000 my younger brother, legally named William Paul Hobbs, of 1205 Jackson St Salem Indiana was found hanging dead from a tree in the back yard of his abusive lover, Gary Hobbs, same address. Police were called and death scene photos were taken. A voice recording found in my brother inside left pocket contained a statement by William, saying that he had taken an overdose of valium and was dying. His death was ruled a suicide, the photos were refused to our family, and Gary Hobbs continues to drive drunk in Salem Indiana every day without getting stopped by the cops, his friends.

Here's what I believe really happened. Gary Hobbs found a suicide tape my brother made in the weeks leading up to his murder. Gary strangled my brother and strung him up in that tree and then called the cops. The coroner, at that time, who admitted to me that he is Gary's personal friend, knew immediately that the marks on my brothers body were not consistent with suicide. He didn't question the fact that my left handed brother wouldn't have placed the tape in his left, inner pocket.Something that would be hard for anyone to do. I have the jacket he died in. It has a right inside pocket, where he would have placed anything he carried. Being an unnatural death, protocol would have required a pathologist's examination, and an autopsy of his body. There was no pathology report. Instead, medical staff only drew blood from his body for a toxicology test. The toxicology results clearly indicated that my brother had not ingested enough valium on the night he died to make him sleep, much less kill him. Also, Phenobarbital was in his system. He wasn't prescribed this drug by any doctor. I raised these concerns with the police and coroner who ignored them. THERE WAS NO AUTOPSY!

For years I've attempted to get the death scene photos from these authorities, and every time I hit a road block. The first coroner refused the photos to me so I called judge Bennett's office and his secretary asked him if he would order the release of the photos to me. She told me that Bennett refused to so do and that he advised I hire an attorney to petition his court for the photos. I contacted an attorney who then informed me that I could pay him hundreds of dollars to petition the court, but clearly Bennett had no intention of releasing the photos to me and hiring an attorney would likely be a waste of money. Judge Bennett is life long friends with Gary Hobbs, closeted homosexual and former owner of Coot's Packaging, a liquor store in Salem. Clearly Judge Bennett didn't want his friend being investigated or even charged or convicted of murder, so it makes sense that he could have put his neck on the line by sealing these photo from me.

Either way, Judge Robert Bennett and Coroner Rondale Brishaber are conspiring, on this very day, to continue this blatant obstruction of justice and have become the cause of unbearable grief that I have suffered for 14 years without knowing the truth about how William really died. For this reason, I now expose them to the public, and am seeking legal counsel in an effort to bring these two elected, public officials to justice for once and for all.

To every local in Salem Indiana reading this, you must know that your own justice system has conspired to obstruct justice in this case, and they probably wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Regardless of what you think you may know about my dead brother, you do not know the truth if I don't. A source, who shall remain unnamed at this point, has revealed to me that at one police officer at the scene of William's death has described his death as a murder. He said that there were ripple marks on my brothers neck, which clearly indicate that he was strangled first, and later strung up in that tree.

Immediately after William's death, I requested copies of all 911 calls he had made to Washington County police dispatch in the year leading up to his death. The person I spoke to there asked how I knew about the 911 calls and I informed her that my brother had told me many times that he had called 911 on Gary Hobbs for threatening to kill him. I'm still waiting for those recordings.

Furthermore, Gary Hobbs moved his ex boyfriend Tony into his house the day after William died. Did his ex lover help him kill William? Perhaps, but I may never know because Judge Robert Bennett and coroner Rondale Brishaber have conspired to conceal any and all evidence that would or could reveal the truth.

To Rondale and Robert, I have this to say. You are both disgraceful public servants who belong in prison. At the very least, I pray that this blog causes every person you encounter in your county for the rest of your life to shun you like the civic plagues you are. I don't know why you are concealing these photos, if not to cover up a murder committed by your friend Gary Hobbs. But I will be certain to forward this blog to any and everyone who can hold you accountable. Get me the photos and I will consider deleting this blog, and not pursuing civil action against you and any other local authority involved in this obstruction of justice, as long as the independent pathologist I plan to have review them concludes it wasn't murder. Coroners are supposed to speak for the dead. Instead, Rondale Brishaber and his predecessors have silenced my brothers last truth, and that is unforgivable. May the real

In loving memory of William Paul Lawrence (Hobbs) born 2-10-1971 died 4-19-2000