Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#justiceforwilliam UPDATE: Open letter to a Murder Conspirator

My brother William was murdered, and the truth has been kept from me for 14 years. The man currently withholding the death scene photos and audio recording is Salem, Indiana Police Chief Troy Merry. 

In my video series, "Naked Truth: Was My Brother Murdered" I asked the question to my audience, as the answer became clearer to me. All the evidence I have proves that he was murdered, and none of the evidence proves he strangled himself. The fact that the very evidence itself has been "lost", or tampered with, and refused to me only strengthens the evidence that William was not only murdered, but that Troy Merry is covering it up, in a conspiratorial fashion. Yes, I am alleging Merry, and others who have gone out of their way to conceal the evidence that could put my brothers murderer away. This makes them all Murder Conspirators. I've forwarded my allegations to the FBI, and my hope is that justice is served sooner than later in this case. 

Allegation 1: Destroying, tampering with, or mishandling "criminal evidence" is, in and of itself a crime. And I'm not one who originally implicated the police in this clear violation of the law. The county coroner told me all about it in his e mails. He openly admits the police had trouble locating the photos and could not locate the audio recording. Furthermore, I have evidence that Coroner Marlon Robertson, who handled the case initially, remembers the recording and the mentioning of a Valium overdose, as well as officer Joey Wheeler who was in charge of the investigation does. They both know the recording said overdose on Valium and no significant Valium was found in his blood. If they lost the tape, it because they wanted it to be lost. They're denying me records they have probably tampered with and destroyed. That's just cause for my allegations.

Allegation 2: Murder Conspiracy: Murder has no statute of limitations. Whether a murder was committed 14 years ago or 14 minutes ago, it should still be fully investigated. When the very people responsible for investigating a murder go out of their way to hide it and cover it up, it's a Murder Conspiracy. 

I have to trust my common sense more than these fools who have no medical training whatsoever. They have demonstrated their stupidity repeatedly by ignoring crucial protocol, mandated by state and Federal laws and guidelines. No medical exam, no death scene photos, no evidence to show, no forensic tests whatsoever. They allowed the main suspect to repeatedly run around the crime scene like buffoons.  So, how exactly am I supposed to believe a word any of these idiots say when the documents I did manage to get clearly show the opposite of suicide. Gee, should I trust the facts and common sense, or a bunch of blubbering incompetent murder conspirators? 

Troy Merry,  I know you're stalking me. I would be if I were you. So this message is for you. I will be a thorn in your ass for the rest of your life. The only way you are going to possibly scrape this dog shit off of your shoe is to present evidence that contradicts my allegations. You have failed to do so thus far. And I don't give a shit what the death certificate says, or what the police reports show, my brother did not kill himself, and I won't believe he did until you assholes actually do your jobs and prove it. Until then, suicide is just one of many uneducated guesses you're making. Guess what, I'm not going away and this is going to get a lot uglier before its all said and done. I won't stop until you are formally charged with the crimes you're committing which continue to bring harm to me and the memory of my brother. 

You can sue me, if you believe you can prove my allegations are unfounded, but I think we both know you cannot. The very fact that you continue to deny me access to the evidence is, in and of itself, more evidence of your own guilt. And I can't imagine a jury anywhere siding with a corrupt cop who refuses public documents to a grieving brother. You understand the concept of "just cause" better than many, I'm sure. And just because you think the law can't touch you, it doesn't mean society won't shun you like the social pariah you are. You will be held accountable, and your great grand kids can read this blog. You don't have my permission to deal me injustice. This is social warfare and you lose! So either prove the allegations wrong or expect a lot more dirty looks from people in your community as they all learn the truth about what you are doing to me. And I'm just getting warmed up. I will absolutely, verbally rip your Peter Griffin, closet case ass apart in my next video if I don't have those photos. I refuse to tolerate fools a second longer without calling you ALL out!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

, #justiceforwilliam Update: October 18, 2014

In my last update I told you about how the death scene photos have been found, according to coroner Rondale Brishaber. Not only did Brishaber inform me, more than once, over the course of several days, that the photos have been located, but he also informed David Elijah, a reporter with the South Florida Gay News. And so I have it in writing, an admission from the Washington County coroner's office stating fault with regards to the records related to my brothers death. It's an admission, not an explanation. I'm still waiting for the photos, recordings, and ALL other evidence I've requested that could prove how William really died. But I may not have to wait much longer.

I've filed a formal complaint against the Washington County Coroner with the Indiana PAC (Public Access Counselor). I've sent the counselor scanned copies of the fax I sent to the coroner on September 17, requesting this documentation. I'm officially accusing the Washington County Coroner's office of violating the Access to Public Records Act. I've received confirmation that my formal complaint has been accepted and Brishaber has been notified by the counselor. The PAC will give an official opinion on the matter, in documentation, in about a month. This documentation will be indisputable evidence of the injustice that continues to take my breath away when I think about it for too long. I'm so grateful for the Public Access Counselor and any efforts the office puts into getting me what I need to find some sense of closure.

I called the Salem police department Thursday morning (10-16-14). A woman answered and asked what my call was in regards to, so I told her I needed to talk to whoever can send me my brothers death scene photos. She put me on hold and then told me that I needed to talk to the Salem City Attorney Drew Wright.

Why would the local police department, who the coroner says, in writing, have my brothers death scene photos, refer me to the City Attorney? What's he got to do with the price of milk in China? As far as I know, this man has no connection to William's case whatsoever. I can only speculate as to why I was referred to him. I left a message with his office right after the police referred me to him, and he has yet to respond to me. He has no e mail address that I can find online either. For a public official, he sure isn't very accessible in my opinion. However, he was brought into this scenario by the police, so I'd love a public statement from him regarding why he thinks that may be the case. Could this man be the one telling everyone not to talk to me or send me the files? He's been in office for a very long time. Makes me wonder if he's friends with Gary Hobbs too?

And what's the deal with police Chief Troy Merry?

What kind of police chief dodges a phone call from someone who is publicly reporting a possible murder in his town? Why won't Troy Merry take my call? What is he hiding? What is he scared of? Who the hell does he think he is? He looks like Peter, from Family Guy, and he loves the Golden Girls. That's about the most I can glean from his facebook page. If I am man enough to call him, he should have the balls to take my call and explain to me why I don't have those photos and his complete assurance that the recording is being located. If Merry arrested me, and he questioned me about the whereabouts of (hypothetical) evidence, I am sure he would want me to speak directly to him, and not through an attorney. Salem residents should remember this the next time he gets a "confession" from a local suspect without an attorney. It's pretty obvious at this point that this police department, headed by him, is conspiring to violate the open records act as well. I'll go even further and allege obstruction of justice on their part. If I don't know how my brother died, I have no justice. I have never had any evidence, only the word of people I do not trust.

And let's not forget Washington County Persecutor Dustin Houchin either. The magnitude of incompetence, and/or corruption required for him to completely ignore the indisputable evidence I presented to his office regarding the possible murder of my brother  is despicable. This man doesn't know the meaning of family values if he would let this case rest if it were his loved one. It is purely heartless of him not to demand an investigation and keep me abreast of the findings the officials he works with come up with. He pretends he doesn't have the authority to seek justice in my brothers death, while dodging the questions like so many of his Republican counterparts. The omission of truth makes him a cowardly liar. His right wing wife is a cross between Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. Their extreme, right wing views are bigoted. It's getting clearer and clearer that if my brother William had been just about any other heterosexual citizen of Salem, and if I had not been openly gay and seeking the answers, justice would have been done in 2000, when he died. I've lived with discrimination against my sexual orientation my whole life. I'm not blind to the obvious signs of a man with the power to bring justice denying it because he doesn't approve of my lifestyle or my marriage to another man.

Doing what's right for Washington County
My Big Gay Ass!

All of you men need to grow some balls and get me the truth NOW. I will turn that town upside down (figuratively) to get to it and if you're not helping, you're just cock blocking justice! Now google yourselves in a week or two and read this truth on the front page, like your great grandchildren will. You can run, and you can hide, but the truth will always find you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

#justiceforwilliam UPDATE: Photos found amid Ignorance, Bullshit and Deflection

Update: The death scene photos have been found!

My frustration hasn't gone away with the news that the death scene photos of my brother have been found. After 14 years of waiting for them, I am unable to allow myself to get my hopes up that they really could still exist and be sent to me. These photos are key evidence in my brother William's death. They may hold the strongest clues, of any evidence, as to how he really died. To date, I have only the word of the people who have held them from me for 14 years to go on. People who have no compassion, and absolutely no apparent instinct or understanding of the procedures they were bound by state law and guidelines to have performed. The news that the photos have now been located by the Salem Police department came from Coroner Rondale Brishaber, who was elected in 2009. In his e mail responses to me Brishaber clearly states:

1) The Coroner’s Office at that time did not take pictures at death scenes, the police did.

Indeed, the police did take the death scene photos, specifically, former detective Doug Hoskins. And while state guidelines, in 2000 and currently in 2014, clearly state that the coroner can hire a photographer or even have the police take the photos, they are the property of the Coroners office, and should be retained on file permanently. Furthermore, every coroner, police officer or investigator who touches any item of evidence has to log it on the chain of custody log.

2) They have found the pictures and they are looking for the audio recording.

My most recent request to his office, and the police, took place on September 17, 2014. 17 days and two videos about it later, I get word from him that, not only have the pictures been located, but the recording is missing and they are looking for it. Clearly this verifies the fact that the evidence has been compromised. And where is the chain of custody for any of this evidence I've been asking for since 2000? And how ironic could it be that all this evidence and answers all surfaced within two hours of their response to a reporter for South Florida Gay News who is covering the story? 

3) The Coroner’s Office didn’t take the pictures, so that evidence stays with the city police. There were no pictures in his case file.

I haven't begun to investigate the record keeping protocol of the police. I've been too consumed with the fact that they've ignored my report of strong evidence that my brother could have been murdered for too long. The fact remains that this is either a lie or a clear display of ignorance of the guidelines that regulate the county coroner's office. They clearly state the photos are key evidence the coroner should retain permanently! And while it may be convenient for Brishaber to deflect the blame from his office to the police department, I've known the Indiana coroner's guidelines for record keeping since 2000. In fact, I'm quite sure I could perform his job with a lot more proficiency than he has.

4)  I believe it is a smear campaign.

If this is the case, then who is smearing whom? The only victims in this scenario are my brother and myself. We have had injustice smeared all over us. If the truth hurts, it's because someone is harboring a lie. It just so happens that nearly all, if not every person who is involved in the conspiracy to withhold the truth about my brother's death from me has run for political office in Washington County, at one time or another. As candidates for public office, they are subject to the same type of scrutiny that any other public figure is. This includes Memes, Parodies, reviews of their personal and public lives for public consumption. I learned all this the hard way when my first gig as a radio DJ plummeted me into fifteen seconds of local fame. I couldn't take a smoke break outside my job without fans driving by screaming "Chazonator" at one point, and it was very unnerving. I've had radio show hosts on the Internet rip me apart for being so outrageous, graphic and sexy! I've been bashed in print all over the Internet by complete strangers. That doesn't get under my skin anymore. It doesn't distract from my true purpose, which is to expose hypocrisy and injustice wherever I encounter it, starting with my own personal life.

5) The laws have changed some since 2000. We take pictures at every scene and keep the pictures with the file

While this may sound reasonable, it's false. I actually printed out the guidelines in 2000 and have kept them in my file, and compared to the guidelines of today, the file retention requirements are the same.

6) I admit that the pictures were not in the file. I know that there was a audio recorder on scene. I would like to listen to the audio if possible. The Salem Police are looking for this audio

He's basically admitting to two things. One, the photos are not in his coroner's case file, and two, neither is the audio recording.

7) All calls at the Salem Police Department are recorded. I will again ask you to request the pictures from the Salem Police Department.

It's like beating my head against a brick wall here. I've got fax receipts from multiple requests sent to the Salem Police Department for this evidence. I've had a liaison trying to get copies of this stuff since September 17, 2014. Clearly they wouldn't be looking for the photos or the recording if they weren't aware of my request. So all this, deflection to the Salem Police department is getting old. The coroner's role is to work with ALL relevant local officials to resolve issues related to a death case.The coroner, the police and the prosecutor see each other nearly every day. Many of them are friends on facebook. I'm sure they have a grand old time at the Moose Lodge on weekends. Exactly when were any of them planning to work together to fulfill my simple request for evidence? You'd think they were on different planets!

For the record, I am not angry at Mr. Brishaber, nor do I hold him responsible for the actions or inaction of his predecessor Marlon Robertson. And while it's apparent that I have yet to receive full cooperation from any parties involved, at this time, Mr. Brishaber is at least attempting to work in conjunction with others to locate the evidence and documentation I need. I have called for no actions on my behalf from anyone in my online audience besides contacting his office with public inquiries. The address I had posted for Mr. Brishaber's office in my video was inaccurate, and an erroneous post made public on an official Indiana government website. I've taken measures to edit that portion of my documentary out, using youtube video editor for post cutting of segments. This is not something I would ordinarily do, as public record was current at the time of production, and the information was legally obtained and shared. However, in light of the fact that the office address is indeed incorrect, I did what I felt was necessary.

In Part 2 of my documentary series entitled "Naked Truth: Was My Brother Murdered", I bring to the attention of my audience, the new Washington County prosecutor Dustin Houchin. I explain how he has the power to crack this case wide open by having the case reopened and investigated by a more competent and trust worthy law agency. I explained how, working in close conjunction with the police and the coroner, Mr. Houchin has the power to insist that they adhere to the law and get me those records. I also explained that his lack of response was triggering me to request my viewers to contact his office for an answer. I am able to report to you now that Mr. Houchin has replied to my e mails to him, finally. Below is his response, followed by my observations of it:

Mr. Szulczynski,

Please allow me to apologize for not receiving your two emails earlier.  I have had some problems receiving email through the website this week.  I reported the problem to the County IT employee, and he worked on and resolved the issue today.  As such, I have just now had the opportunity to view several emails that had not come through to me, including the ones you sent.  Again, I apologize for the delay.

Regarding your email requesting documents, I will handle it as a formal public records request.  Although I had not received your emails, I, as I'm sure you are aware, have seen the film you produced.  In response to the film, my staff conducted a thorough and diligent search for any records pertaining to your brother's death that may be held by this office.  We found no records.  Thus, my official response to your records request is that my office has no documents or other items of evidence related to your request. 

While I certainly cannot speak for the previous prosecutors, it is my typical practice to not retain evidence of investigations that do not result in the filing of criminal charges.  Even where charges are filed, evidence is most commonly held by the investigating police agencies.  My office, as an entity, does not conduct investigations.  As such, I suggest that you contact the relevant police agencies with formal records requests. 

Dustin Houchin
Washington County Prosecutor   

First of all, let me state, for the record, that I don't believe for a second that Mr. Houchin's e mail was down that long without anyone updating the state's official website with his contact information. Good excuse, but I don't buy it, and here's why. Mr. Houchin's wife Erin Houchin is running for state senate. Unable to contact him via e mail for a written response, I posted my videos on his wife's campaign page, two days before his e mail. Not only did his wife block me from further posting on her campaign page, but she did it to several of my friends who followed suit. Either their marriage isn't as strong as mine is, or someone's bullshitting. If someone posted a video with my husband on its cover, on my fan page, I'd be making sure to watch it and be sure he did too ASAP. 

And while I can appreciate the diversion of his office, diligently searching, for the records there, it's not what I asked for. I've never said I believed his office was holding records. I've accused him of withholding records, and he still is, as far as I am concerned. When someone has the power to enforce the law and have records sent to someone legally entitled to them, it is withholding. It certainly isn't cooperation. This was not a Records Request. It's a request to reopen the investigation into my brother's death. This response is not only inadequate or indicative of sheer ignorance, but it's an outright insult to my integrity. Either he has the power to correct this matter or he doesn't. If he doesn't, then he should tell all of his constituents just how powerless he really is. He goes on to insult my integrity by pretending I don't understand his role. No, Mr. Houchin, you're no investigator. If you were, you would do your research on me and discover that your ignorance will not fly and I will get justice, with or without your cooperation. However, know this, your lack of cooperation is considered absolute obstruction of justice, by me, and will be a part of any formal complaints I make to any government agency or human rights group going forward. So thanks for your response, as utterly ignorant of the fact that I reported a possible murder to you as it is.

As of today, October 13, 2014 I still do not have a shred of evidence from any Washington County or Salem official which proves my brother killed himself.  A third part of the video series is currently in production. Political corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and favoritism will be put on full display. Names will be mentioned. Public photos will be displayed. Public addresses, listed on government websites will be shared. Make no mistake about my motivation. I'm no longer making requests. I am demanding justice, and anyone who comes between me and justice will be exposed to the entire world! Somebody better prove the truth to me before that entire fucking county falls apart!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm not endorsing anybody, but I know who I don't want Indiana Dist. 47 to vote for!

#justiceforwilliam UPDATE!

Okay, if you've followed the case this far, you know that I've presented a strong, factual case for why my brother didn't record the suicide tape found in his inner, left pocket the night he died. You know that a clear conspiracy to keep the evidence from me is real. I still don't have the evidence I have been requesting for fourteen years. But I do have something,

There's a new prosecutor in Washington County since the last good ole boy got booted out. His name is Dustin Houchin, and he has the power to crack this case wide open and get to the bottom of it, for once and for all. The question now is, Why doesn't he do just that?

And so, here's Part two in my Naked Truth video series special investigation into William's death for you to view and share. Remember, this could happen to anyone. This video is as shocking as the first one, so be sure to watch all the way through the credits for details you won't hear anywhere else,

I encourage the media to ask these public officials the same question I've been asking for 14 years. Where is the evidence?

And, If you missed the first episode in the series, click play below

I have taken the liberty of forwarding both of these videos to the Indianapolis FBI field office.