Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#justiceforwilliam UPDATE: Open letter to a Murder Conspirator

My brother William was murdered, and the truth has been kept from me for 14 years. The man currently withholding the death scene photos and audio recording is Salem, Indiana Police Chief Troy Merry. 

In my video series, "Naked Truth: Was My Brother Murdered" I asked the question to my audience, as the answer became clearer to me. All the evidence I have proves that he was murdered, and none of the evidence proves he strangled himself. The fact that the very evidence itself has been "lost", or tampered with, and refused to me only strengthens the evidence that William was not only murdered, but that Troy Merry is covering it up, in a conspiratorial fashion. Yes, I am alleging Merry, and others who have gone out of their way to conceal the evidence that could put my brothers murderer away. This makes them all Murder Conspirators. I've forwarded my allegations to the FBI, and my hope is that justice is served sooner than later in this case. 

Allegation 1: Destroying, tampering with, or mishandling "criminal evidence" is, in and of itself a crime. And I'm not one who originally implicated the police in this clear violation of the law. The county coroner told me all about it in his e mails. He openly admits the police had trouble locating the photos and could not locate the audio recording. Furthermore, I have evidence that Coroner Marlon Robertson, who handled the case initially, remembers the recording and the mentioning of a Valium overdose, as well as officer Joey Wheeler who was in charge of the investigation does. They both know the recording said overdose on Valium and no significant Valium was found in his blood. If they lost the tape, it because they wanted it to be lost. They're denying me records they have probably tampered with and destroyed. That's just cause for my allegations.

Allegation 2: Murder Conspiracy: Murder has no statute of limitations. Whether a murder was committed 14 years ago or 14 minutes ago, it should still be fully investigated. When the very people responsible for investigating a murder go out of their way to hide it and cover it up, it's a Murder Conspiracy. 

I have to trust my common sense more than these fools who have no medical training whatsoever. They have demonstrated their stupidity repeatedly by ignoring crucial protocol, mandated by state and Federal laws and guidelines. No medical exam, no death scene photos, no evidence to show, no forensic tests whatsoever. They allowed the main suspect to repeatedly run around the crime scene like buffoons.  So, how exactly am I supposed to believe a word any of these idiots say when the documents I did manage to get clearly show the opposite of suicide. Gee, should I trust the facts and common sense, or a bunch of blubbering incompetent murder conspirators? 

Troy Merry,  I know you're stalking me. I would be if I were you. So this message is for you. I will be a thorn in your ass for the rest of your life. The only way you are going to possibly scrape this dog shit off of your shoe is to present evidence that contradicts my allegations. You have failed to do so thus far. And I don't give a shit what the death certificate says, or what the police reports show, my brother did not kill himself, and I won't believe he did until you assholes actually do your jobs and prove it. Until then, suicide is just one of many uneducated guesses you're making. Guess what, I'm not going away and this is going to get a lot uglier before its all said and done. I won't stop until you are formally charged with the crimes you're committing which continue to bring harm to me and the memory of my brother. 

You can sue me, if you believe you can prove my allegations are unfounded, but I think we both know you cannot. The very fact that you continue to deny me access to the evidence is, in and of itself, more evidence of your own guilt. And I can't imagine a jury anywhere siding with a corrupt cop who refuses public documents to a grieving brother. You understand the concept of "just cause" better than many, I'm sure. And just because you think the law can't touch you, it doesn't mean society won't shun you like the social pariah you are. You will be held accountable, and your great grand kids can read this blog. You don't have my permission to deal me injustice. This is social warfare and you lose! So either prove the allegations wrong or expect a lot more dirty looks from people in your community as they all learn the truth about what you are doing to me. And I'm just getting warmed up. I will absolutely, verbally rip your Peter Griffin, closet case ass apart in my next video if I don't have those photos. I refuse to tolerate fools a second longer without calling you ALL out!

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