Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for EVIL!!!!!

Will disenchanted LGBT Democrats sway this election? You bet your sweet ass we will! I’ve been bitched out by whiny, pussy-fied gays on facebook for saying it, but I have a right to my opinion, as much as anybody else. Not voting is the new vote! Now, you can do whatever the hell you want with your vote, but I’m writing myself in! Why? It’s because I have lost faith in our system, entirely. Sure, I’ll vote for my local and state representatives, but I am not going to cast a vote for a Democrat, and I damn sure will not vote for a Republican, on a Federal level, because they’re all full of shit! They’re all corporate whores. You want me to jump into the Republican snake pit? Because the Democratic corporate whores sure haven't earned my trust!

Obama has lied to us. He cares more about baiting us into voting for Democrats next month than he does about ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Don’t believe me? Consider the following.

DADT was overturned by Federal Judge Virginia Phillips. A day after the military decided to allow gays to openly join, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice appealed, successfully for a stay on the judge’s decision, and put DADT back into effect. Why? Obama said it was because DADT was passed by the Congress, and that Congress should be the ones to overturn it. Clearly, Obama was just using DADT as an election wedge issue, to get gays to vote for a Democratic Congress. He had no intention of getting it overturned in his first term. On his watch? Yeah, he says that it will be overturned “On his watch”. For weeks, predictions and polls have been indicating that the Senate is turning Republican, and the Dems are lagging behind in almost every key state. Obama is not stupid enough to tell us the truth. The truth is that a majority Republican Senate is not going to allow him to pass any equality issue for gays. If I know this, then so does he. He’s trying to extend his “watch” by 4 more years, and I’m not falling for his stick and carrot bullshit. His watch is already over, as far as I am concerned. He’s lied to us, and he’s lied to all American people. Just look around you. Whereas, I was one of his biggest supporters, in 2008, like a lot of others, I won’t be fooled twice in 2012. He can’t keep saying he inherited this war or this economy, when he’s already half way through his term. This is Obama’s war. This is Obama’s economy, and these are his lies. Here’s a list of broken promises.

1) He promised Hispanic voters that he would begin immigration reform in the first year. He hasn’t even started it.

2) He promised to invest in green technology and put Americans to work re-building America’s infrastructure. Our roads and bridges are still falling apart, and electric cars are twice the price of regular ones, the same size, and where are the re charge stations for them, and the ethanol “flex” vehicles? More bullshit!

3) Unemployment has not been significantly reduced. It’s actually increased because the figures don’t take into consideration how many people have collected all they’re going to receive from the benefits, and still can’t find work. It also doesn’t include those who are underemployed, such as part time workers, or those who have had to accept less than half their former salaries. This is his unemployment crisis now friends.

4) Home foreclosures? September saw the highest number of home foreclosures in any month since 30 years ago, while bank CEO’s continue to collect million dollar bonuses, on Obama’s watch. He is the foreclosure king!

Now, before you insult my integrity, with another “Rome wasn’t built in a day” analogy, understand this. Rome wasn’t torn down the day after it was built either. DADT is Rome, and a judge built the end of it, and this asshole tore it down the next day. So that won’t fly here. You can’t keep saying that he hasn’t had time. He’s had 2 years to keep his promises, and all he has done is lie. He should have been presidenting, instead of campaigning, but he only cares about 4 more years of fame. He’s a useless, pathetic fame whore!

So, what are we, the gay democrats who have witnessed his lies, for political gain, supposed to do? Vote Republican? Do you really think we’re stupid enough to vote for their evil, just because it now appears to be the lesser of two evils? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, so what’s the fucking point? It’s like jumping into a snake pit because you have a “civic duty” do to so. Fuck that. I’ll write my own name in. At least I know the person I’m voting for can be trusted. I don’t trust any of these corporate whores anymore. When I say that America is no longer a democracy, I mean it. Democracy may mean that the majority rules, but it doesn’t mean the majority has a right to vote against my equality. It also doesn’t mean that the majority should be suckered into voting for the candidate with the most corporate funding, who has more ads that tell his bullshit stories either. Our US Supreme Court was auctioned off to the highest bidder when they decided to allow corporate interests to have the same right to buy candidates as the average citizen. These entities are influencing the masses, who don’t have time to get the truth, and believe the bullshit propaganda they are fed in these attack ads. Our vote doesn’t mean shit anymore friends. So I no longer believe that anyone who doesn’t vote doesn’t have a right to complain. Everyone with an ounce of common sense should have started complaining a long time ago, before our country was hijacked by the same people who fired you, or overcharged you, or worked slave laborers to death so you could afford to shop at Walmart, or those who denied you health insurance, or made you pay more than you would have if you lived in a country that actually gave more of a shit about the health of it’s citizens than it does the profits of its HMO’s. It’s time for everybody to wake up and smell the hypocrisy! Not voting is the new vote. It tells those in power that we see how naked their imperialistic asses really are, and we stand on the principal that voting for the lesser of two evils is just an idiotic, fucking evil thing to do! That’s my opinion, and I stand behind it. If you don’t like it, then you can run away with your tail between your legs, thinking that your vote hold some kind of magical power. It doesn’t!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naked Truth Gay News In Review - Anderson Cooper! Come Out! Come Out!!!

Check out the video below. If you haven't watched  my online series before, feel free to go to my official website at http://www.chazonator.com/ where the player always has the latest video, and plays everything I've uploaded 24/7.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Suicide in Norman Oklahoma - Letter to town council

R.I.P Zach Harrington

I am disgusted by the latest suicide, of a 19 year old, gay, youth named Zach Harrington, after he was berated at a town counsil meeting in Norman Oklahoma recently. I've just sent the following e mail to them, and I hope they all read it and take it to heart. I encourage anyone else who wants to write to them, and give them a piece of your mind do so, at the e mail address listed at the bottom of this blog. This has to stop! We have to stop it!

I'd like to congratulate your city council, and the bigoted citizens who drove 19 year old Zach Harrington to suicide. Your town is now on the map, as being one of the most intolerant, hypocritical, shameful towns in this so called democracy we call America.

For the record, Zach wasn't asking for "special rights". He wasn't trying to expose anyone to anything that might have occurred in "his bedroom". He was asking for equality, which, to define it for you, means, the same rights that every other tax paying citizen there has. Instead, what he got was a group of hateful hypocrites, posing as Christians, doing and saying exactly the opposite of what Christ himself would have said and done.
I am a gay man with a large online following. I have a same sex partner that I've been with for 18 years. How many of you can say that you've been married that long, to the same person? We have two adopted children. How many of you have adopted, rather than show the world what takes place, "in your bedroom" by popping out little, baby, look a likes, in an overpopulated world? How many of you have sacrificed anything, for anybody, in the name of unconditional love? Clearly not enough!

I saw the video on www.Queerty.com in which an over the hill, overweight hick stood there and condemned my "lifestyle", along with a misguided bi racial, overweight woman, who refused to acknowledge the fact that her own forefathers had to be enslaved, hanged and beaten in order for her to be able to stand there and brag about her degree. Their combined ignorance of equality is only surpassed by their ignorance of the very bible they spew, selective quotes from. You know the bible, the book that says that gluttony and judging others is sinful. They forget that the constitution also protects Jews, Muslims and atheists’ right to equality. They refuse to understand why those of us who actually are producing quality citizens, out of the children rejected by heterosexuals who also claimed to be Christian, are seeking the same legal protection as everyone else. They could show a little compassion, or at the very least, a bit of common sense.

If there is a Christian God, and he is capable of damning, then your city council will be on that list of the damned. The blood of this young, gay man is on the hands of those who cast him away from Christ, and every last one of those idiots will pay for it in hell! You are on a slippery slope, and you’re sliding right into the hell you‘ve condemned us to!

For the record, it's not a “lifestyle“, it's called a life, and it's not the right to have sex that any of us are asking for. We can do that anytime we want. We want the same legal protections for ourselves, which our tax dollars finance, for you to enjoy and take for granted. We will get them, even if we are forced to publicly humiliate every crappy, little town in this country to get there! You are the abomination!

Sincerely, Carl Shepherd


Write your own letter to these bigots at:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fake Celebrities on Larry King Live on Bullying

On Larry King Live last night, the guests included prominent, openly gay entertainers, and then there was Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin calls herself a D list celebrity, and she dresses like a tacky drag queen, so she assumes the right to speak for gays and lesbians. That assumption is incorrect, on her part, and here’s why. When Larry asked her what can be done to stop bullying, her answer was: “Come to my show”. Come on Kathy Griffin, is that the best you can do? Come to your fucking show? Like that’s going to end anything. Sure, we can throw money at Kathy Griffin and hope that it makes it to a worthy cause, that actually combats bullying, but that only serves to make her more famous and put more money into her fake, greedy hands. If you’ve read my past few blogs, you’ll know that I don’t trust any organized charity to do the right thing, especially if it’s being pimped out by fake celebrities who spend more money on make up than they do the causes they claim to support. This puts Kathy Griffin down on the Z list in my book!

Chely Wright Claims to be the first openly gay country artist. Lies! That would be K D Lang. Wright took the opportunity on Larry King, last night, to promote herself and toot her own horn so much, that I wondered when she was going to offer a solution, rather than a self promotion. She looks like a porn star, not an activist. She just came out of the closet recently, so, in essence, like her Latino one hit wonder, counterpart Ricky Martin, she’s a day late and a dollar short! I didn’t even know who the hell she was until last night. How the hell are we supposed to look up to these former closet cases who made millions and only came out when it was cool to be gay in Hollywood? We can’t. If you’ve been hating yourself for your entire, public career, and are just coming out of the closet and jumping onto the latest news trend to get more publicity, don’t act like you’re any kind of role model, because you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

And then, there’s Sir Elton John, and his little bit part in the “Give A Damn” video series. Sir Elton says, “Every time I hear about a hate crime, I am shocked and saddened.” Bitch must stay in shock and in a state of constant depression, considering that, here in the real world, there’s a hate crime committed every hour! He can’t spew that shit and go unchecked by me, since he was one of the very people who made me feel like a big whore! I was hired by his assistant to give him a massage, and he asked for a hand job, and paid for it. I didn’t mind stroking his tiny penis to a climax, even though he was cheating on his man when I did, but I wasn’t too happy to see that I was paid only $350 for driving 2 ½ hours to get to his back stage dressing room, and had to wait over 2 hours for him to show up with his entourage. This “give a damn video” appearance is just another way for him to show off his new wig, which looks like a bird’s nest, sticking out of a tree trunk! The man is faker than fake, and I’ve got the back stage passes, and unused concert tickets, and knowledge of his pacemaker and tattoo to prove I’ve experienced his fakeness first hand. If Sir Eltie really “gives a damn” he’ll shell out a million of his own cash to the cause, and put his money where his mouth is. Until then, he should shut his self serving, self promoting, geriatric, old pie hole! Legend my ass!

Wanda Sykes is truly an honest person, from everything I’ve seen from or about her. She’s the real deal. She wasn’t plugging any book, or concert tour, or comedy special last night. This wasn’t about her. It was about ending bullying. Neil Patrick Harris is the same, from what I can tell. Tim Gunn and Nate Berkus appeared on the show with their own positive messages as well, without pimping out themselves for publicity. Margaret Cho was on “Dancing With The Stars”, doing her part to spread the word, because she really cares.

Lance Bass, on the other hand, needs to give it up. Once again, the former N Synch back up singer, wants us to think he gives a damn, when the only thing he’s trying to do is revive his career. While I admit that I was never a fan, I’m even less of a fan of anyone who makes millions, pretending to be straight. Here’s my tip for Lance Bass. Please, go to the moon, and stay there. It’s because of people like my friends and myself who have lived openly, our entire adult lives, that fakers like Bass and Martin, Elton John and Wright can use their homosexuality to get on TV today. We took the brunt of the bullying, when we were vulnerable teens, while they joined the A list for their 15 minutes of fake fame, and gave nothing back to anyone.

Hollywood is a joke friends. Most of the entertainers don’t know when to stop reading a script and really care. My advice to anyone who wants to stop bullying is to open your mouth and speak out against it. More people are likely to believe the average citizen, who has nothing gain by speaking up, than they will any actor who is just playing another role to serve his or her own best interests. Suicide prevention takes real people with real emotion and sincerity. The hotlines are wonderful, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t donate to keep them operational, we should. At the same time, we are all human, and most of us have teenaged people in our lives who can benefit from our experience and our advice. Never underestimate your role in any child’s life. It is far more valuable and affective than anything they can see or hear on T.V.
Here's the video clip of the last part of the show that pissed me off the most. Listen to these self serving celebs pretending they care while pimping themselves out to the masses.

Here's the link to a video, on a youtube page, by someone who must be well connected to the Corrupt News Network, since they're allowed to post all CNN content and get hundreds of thousands of views.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

LGBT leadership as much to blame for teen suicide as the bullies. Here's why.

The more we hear about gay, teen suicide, in the news, the more we are hearing from LGBT leadership about the issue. What concerns me the most is that the most prominent leaders of the equality movement only seem to jump on trending issues that will give them more publicity, after the damage is done. What ever happened to being at the forefront of the movement, and actually addressing issues before they become the focus of National news? A few months ago, before the recent rash of suicides making the news, Cindi Lauper and Lady GaGa were on daytime TV pimping out the We Give A Damn foundation, and I got behind it. I reported on the story and gave Cindi Lauper exactly what she wanted…. More free publicity. What I’ve learned since is shocking. I encouraged everyone I know to go to wegiveadamn.org and donate their time or money to the cause. What I’ve discovered since then is that my friends who donated haven’t even received confirmation of their donations. In fact, the website is so impossible to navigate that it’s more like a T shirt shop than a charity organization. My niece had to buy a T shirt just to give money to the cause. Not only does she not have a T shirt yet, but she didn’t even get a thank you e mail, or any response, whatsoever, acknowledging that her money has even been received. That’s not giving a damn! That’s a sick joke, and it makes both Lauper and GaGa look like a couple of typical fame whores, willing to ride on the back of a good cause to gain fans. All you little monsters can get pissed off at me all you want, but you’re a special kinda stupid of you think this is okay, cause it’s not! The only way I see GaGa feeding homeless kids, anytime soon, is if she defrosts that freakish meat dress of hers and grills it up for them! I’ve repeatedly e mailed both of Cindi Lauper’s foundations and have not received a single response. That’s not giving a damn! That’s damning those who give! And for a project that received so much media attention, why in the hell does this foundation have less members than I have on my myspace friends list? I haven’t been on National TV since 2008!

Truth Wins out is a website that claims to counter the ex gay myth and right wing hate. The false mentality that gays can be cured causes so many gays to kill themselves, when they realize that it is a myth. Had the founder of Truth Wins Out not been bashing a gay man on a Christian site, and making fun of his mental health issues, they might have actually done their job and countered the hate. Instead, Wayne Besen, the founder, was actually contributing to it. You can’t claim to counter right wing hate, when you’re joining members of the right wing to hate on a fellow gay man. They’re not the solution, they are the fucking cause!

And if I get one more posted video of Ellen Degeneres and her pre-recorded message on bullying, I’m gonna puke in my own pie hole! She abandoned the gay movement the day she got her talk show and sold us all out to do celeb interviews. When Ellen cares enough to actually address this issue on her talk show, rather than trying to go viral with a video she’s directing to her LGBT fan base, I’ll give her credit for caring. Until then, she’s preaching to the choir, and that’s not going to end this National epidemic, now is it?

Perez Hilton appeared on CNN in a freeze frame skype interview to claim that he’s re-evaluating the way he operates his celebrity hate site. Yeah right Perez! When you grow the balls to start using your own Hispanic name, I’ll stop thinking that you’re just another self hating homo who cares about more than getting your pugged nose featured on any network that will have you!

Back to Truth Wins Out, and their hateful blogs and postings, in which founder Wayne Besen verbally bashes a fellow gay man. If this gay man commits suicide because of something Besen said online, it would make him no better than the students who exposed the Rutgers student on a webcast, and pushed him to jump off a bridge. This isn’t activism. This is gay on gay hate, and we don’t have to support it, yet, you’d be amazed at the organizations that are accepting it. GLAAD, the Stonewall Society, and several members of the gay media have been informed of this situation. Do you think they have bothered to address the issue? If you answered yes, you’d be wrong. They all, apparently condone this behavior, or are afraid to get involved because of the negative publicity it could bring to our movement. This spineless approach by gay leaders and organizations makes me GLAAD I haven’t donated a penny to any of them, and I never will. If you want to help a gay teen, throw money or food or shelter at them yourself, but don’t hand it over to any of these assholes who do nothing for anybody but themselves. Until we get rid of the fake activists who are raking in our gay dollars while giving nothing back to those of who need them the most, we’re only making the problem worse. It’s time to kick them all to the curb and start all over. A leader’s power is only as strong as his number of followers. If you’re a follower of any of the afore mentioned leaders, you’re a part of the problem, not the solution.