Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for EVIL!!!!!

Will disenchanted LGBT Democrats sway this election? You bet your sweet ass we will! I’ve been bitched out by whiny, pussy-fied gays on facebook for saying it, but I have a right to my opinion, as much as anybody else. Not voting is the new vote! Now, you can do whatever the hell you want with your vote, but I’m writing myself in! Why? It’s because I have lost faith in our system, entirely. Sure, I’ll vote for my local and state representatives, but I am not going to cast a vote for a Democrat, and I damn sure will not vote for a Republican, on a Federal level, because they’re all full of shit! They’re all corporate whores. You want me to jump into the Republican snake pit? Because the Democratic corporate whores sure haven't earned my trust!

Obama has lied to us. He cares more about baiting us into voting for Democrats next month than he does about ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Don’t believe me? Consider the following.

DADT was overturned by Federal Judge Virginia Phillips. A day after the military decided to allow gays to openly join, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice appealed, successfully for a stay on the judge’s decision, and put DADT back into effect. Why? Obama said it was because DADT was passed by the Congress, and that Congress should be the ones to overturn it. Clearly, Obama was just using DADT as an election wedge issue, to get gays to vote for a Democratic Congress. He had no intention of getting it overturned in his first term. On his watch? Yeah, he says that it will be overturned “On his watch”. For weeks, predictions and polls have been indicating that the Senate is turning Republican, and the Dems are lagging behind in almost every key state. Obama is not stupid enough to tell us the truth. The truth is that a majority Republican Senate is not going to allow him to pass any equality issue for gays. If I know this, then so does he. He’s trying to extend his “watch” by 4 more years, and I’m not falling for his stick and carrot bullshit. His watch is already over, as far as I am concerned. He’s lied to us, and he’s lied to all American people. Just look around you. Whereas, I was one of his biggest supporters, in 2008, like a lot of others, I won’t be fooled twice in 2012. He can’t keep saying he inherited this war or this economy, when he’s already half way through his term. This is Obama’s war. This is Obama’s economy, and these are his lies. Here’s a list of broken promises.

1) He promised Hispanic voters that he would begin immigration reform in the first year. He hasn’t even started it.

2) He promised to invest in green technology and put Americans to work re-building America’s infrastructure. Our roads and bridges are still falling apart, and electric cars are twice the price of regular ones, the same size, and where are the re charge stations for them, and the ethanol “flex” vehicles? More bullshit!

3) Unemployment has not been significantly reduced. It’s actually increased because the figures don’t take into consideration how many people have collected all they’re going to receive from the benefits, and still can’t find work. It also doesn’t include those who are underemployed, such as part time workers, or those who have had to accept less than half their former salaries. This is his unemployment crisis now friends.

4) Home foreclosures? September saw the highest number of home foreclosures in any month since 30 years ago, while bank CEO’s continue to collect million dollar bonuses, on Obama’s watch. He is the foreclosure king!

Now, before you insult my integrity, with another “Rome wasn’t built in a day” analogy, understand this. Rome wasn’t torn down the day after it was built either. DADT is Rome, and a judge built the end of it, and this asshole tore it down the next day. So that won’t fly here. You can’t keep saying that he hasn’t had time. He’s had 2 years to keep his promises, and all he has done is lie. He should have been presidenting, instead of campaigning, but he only cares about 4 more years of fame. He’s a useless, pathetic fame whore!

So, what are we, the gay democrats who have witnessed his lies, for political gain, supposed to do? Vote Republican? Do you really think we’re stupid enough to vote for their evil, just because it now appears to be the lesser of two evils? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, so what’s the fucking point? It’s like jumping into a snake pit because you have a “civic duty” do to so. Fuck that. I’ll write my own name in. At least I know the person I’m voting for can be trusted. I don’t trust any of these corporate whores anymore. When I say that America is no longer a democracy, I mean it. Democracy may mean that the majority rules, but it doesn’t mean the majority has a right to vote against my equality. It also doesn’t mean that the majority should be suckered into voting for the candidate with the most corporate funding, who has more ads that tell his bullshit stories either. Our US Supreme Court was auctioned off to the highest bidder when they decided to allow corporate interests to have the same right to buy candidates as the average citizen. These entities are influencing the masses, who don’t have time to get the truth, and believe the bullshit propaganda they are fed in these attack ads. Our vote doesn’t mean shit anymore friends. So I no longer believe that anyone who doesn’t vote doesn’t have a right to complain. Everyone with an ounce of common sense should have started complaining a long time ago, before our country was hijacked by the same people who fired you, or overcharged you, or worked slave laborers to death so you could afford to shop at Walmart, or those who denied you health insurance, or made you pay more than you would have if you lived in a country that actually gave more of a shit about the health of it’s citizens than it does the profits of its HMO’s. It’s time for everybody to wake up and smell the hypocrisy! Not voting is the new vote. It tells those in power that we see how naked their imperialistic asses really are, and we stand on the principal that voting for the lesser of two evils is just an idiotic, fucking evil thing to do! That’s my opinion, and I stand behind it. If you don’t like it, then you can run away with your tail between your legs, thinking that your vote hold some kind of magical power. It doesn’t!

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