Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fake Celebrities on Larry King Live on Bullying

On Larry King Live last night, the guests included prominent, openly gay entertainers, and then there was Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin calls herself a D list celebrity, and she dresses like a tacky drag queen, so she assumes the right to speak for gays and lesbians. That assumption is incorrect, on her part, and here’s why. When Larry asked her what can be done to stop bullying, her answer was: “Come to my show”. Come on Kathy Griffin, is that the best you can do? Come to your fucking show? Like that’s going to end anything. Sure, we can throw money at Kathy Griffin and hope that it makes it to a worthy cause, that actually combats bullying, but that only serves to make her more famous and put more money into her fake, greedy hands. If you’ve read my past few blogs, you’ll know that I don’t trust any organized charity to do the right thing, especially if it’s being pimped out by fake celebrities who spend more money on make up than they do the causes they claim to support. This puts Kathy Griffin down on the Z list in my book!

Chely Wright Claims to be the first openly gay country artist. Lies! That would be K D Lang. Wright took the opportunity on Larry King, last night, to promote herself and toot her own horn so much, that I wondered when she was going to offer a solution, rather than a self promotion. She looks like a porn star, not an activist. She just came out of the closet recently, so, in essence, like her Latino one hit wonder, counterpart Ricky Martin, she’s a day late and a dollar short! I didn’t even know who the hell she was until last night. How the hell are we supposed to look up to these former closet cases who made millions and only came out when it was cool to be gay in Hollywood? We can’t. If you’ve been hating yourself for your entire, public career, and are just coming out of the closet and jumping onto the latest news trend to get more publicity, don’t act like you’re any kind of role model, because you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

And then, there’s Sir Elton John, and his little bit part in the “Give A Damn” video series. Sir Elton says, “Every time I hear about a hate crime, I am shocked and saddened.” Bitch must stay in shock and in a state of constant depression, considering that, here in the real world, there’s a hate crime committed every hour! He can’t spew that shit and go unchecked by me, since he was one of the very people who made me feel like a big whore! I was hired by his assistant to give him a massage, and he asked for a hand job, and paid for it. I didn’t mind stroking his tiny penis to a climax, even though he was cheating on his man when I did, but I wasn’t too happy to see that I was paid only $350 for driving 2 ½ hours to get to his back stage dressing room, and had to wait over 2 hours for him to show up with his entourage. This “give a damn video” appearance is just another way for him to show off his new wig, which looks like a bird’s nest, sticking out of a tree trunk! The man is faker than fake, and I’ve got the back stage passes, and unused concert tickets, and knowledge of his pacemaker and tattoo to prove I’ve experienced his fakeness first hand. If Sir Eltie really “gives a damn” he’ll shell out a million of his own cash to the cause, and put his money where his mouth is. Until then, he should shut his self serving, self promoting, geriatric, old pie hole! Legend my ass!

Wanda Sykes is truly an honest person, from everything I’ve seen from or about her. She’s the real deal. She wasn’t plugging any book, or concert tour, or comedy special last night. This wasn’t about her. It was about ending bullying. Neil Patrick Harris is the same, from what I can tell. Tim Gunn and Nate Berkus appeared on the show with their own positive messages as well, without pimping out themselves for publicity. Margaret Cho was on “Dancing With The Stars”, doing her part to spread the word, because she really cares.

Lance Bass, on the other hand, needs to give it up. Once again, the former N Synch back up singer, wants us to think he gives a damn, when the only thing he’s trying to do is revive his career. While I admit that I was never a fan, I’m even less of a fan of anyone who makes millions, pretending to be straight. Here’s my tip for Lance Bass. Please, go to the moon, and stay there. It’s because of people like my friends and myself who have lived openly, our entire adult lives, that fakers like Bass and Martin, Elton John and Wright can use their homosexuality to get on TV today. We took the brunt of the bullying, when we were vulnerable teens, while they joined the A list for their 15 minutes of fake fame, and gave nothing back to anyone.

Hollywood is a joke friends. Most of the entertainers don’t know when to stop reading a script and really care. My advice to anyone who wants to stop bullying is to open your mouth and speak out against it. More people are likely to believe the average citizen, who has nothing gain by speaking up, than they will any actor who is just playing another role to serve his or her own best interests. Suicide prevention takes real people with real emotion and sincerity. The hotlines are wonderful, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t donate to keep them operational, we should. At the same time, we are all human, and most of us have teenaged people in our lives who can benefit from our experience and our advice. Never underestimate your role in any child’s life. It is far more valuable and affective than anything they can see or hear on T.V.
Here's the video clip of the last part of the show that pissed me off the most. Listen to these self serving celebs pretending they care while pimping themselves out to the masses.

Here's the link to a video, on a youtube page, by someone who must be well connected to the Corrupt News Network, since they're allowed to post all CNN content and get hundreds of thousands of views.



  1. I personally liked what Nate Berkus had to say, and shared the vid b/c I think that message is important to spread - like you say, Chaz, at the latter part of this piece, "...most of us have teenaged people in our lives who can benefit from our experience and our advice. Never underestimate your role in any child’s life. It is far more valuable and effective than anything they can see or hear on T.V."
    and Nate kind of "called to arms" the parents, kids, teachers across the nation, in the schools, in those little places that aren't ON tv... and this is what we need.
    I personally have never been a fan of any of the 'celebs' who visited Larry last night, and while I am glad Chely came out, I still haven't listened to any of her music. But, I do feel it's important for celebs to come out, and I support that, even if it IS later in their career after they made their money while appearing straight. Of course sooner would have been better, but it DOES help people to see that those people you 'adore' or 'idolize' who you think are straight are the same people you put on that pedestal, and guess what? they're gay!! I think it can help with acceptance.
    I highly value what The Trevor Project and GLSEN are doing to help, and support for those organizations should be encouraged, imo. ~ Peace Chazonator!! ~

  2. Thank you Jules, for your comment. I totally agree with you and Nate about parents and teachers getting more involved. I believe this is the best way to resolve any crisis our kids are facing. The Trevor Project is new to me, but any hotline where young people can call to get help is always a good thing. I've just had too many recent experiences with certain LGBT rights organizations that appear to be doing the opposite of what their mission statement claims. I do appreciate your input.

  3. I'm not quick to judge the Trevor Project for not wanting to, or being able to address this issue David. They're job is to help struggling young LGBT people and hopefully prevent suicide. There are LGBT orgs that are supposed to be monitoring those who make us all look bad, and they're not functioning properly. The Trevor project is a good thing, in my opinion, and the human being you spoke to must have gotten very frustrated to hang up on you. While I am sorry you had this experience, I can't bash any organization that is helping LGBT youth. Those foundations like "Give A Damn" who don't answer their e mails or verify the donations they receive are still on my shitlist until further notice.

  4. Furthermore, I would encourage anyone wanting to donate to the Trevor Project, do bypass the fakes like Kathy Griffin and her shitty show, and just invest in it directly.

  5. Well, it does sound like the guy you spoke to may not be the best person to handle incoming calls from anyone considering taking their life. Such a job requires patience that this man clearly did not demonstrate towards you. There's always 1-800-Suicide as well, and you don't have to be gay to call them. You'd think these LGBT artists would be promoting that hotline as well, since it is another option.