Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Story of a deceptive thief named Starliene

The following blog is not slanderous or fictional. It is a very detailed timeline of the criminal activity of one Mrs. Starliene Waits of Pleasureville, Kentucky. Public record will verify that it is correct and accurate information.

The reason I bring you this information is because my reputation is being attacked by this person. She is my older sister, and she has taken advantage of me all of my life. That ends today. Starliene Waits wrote an e mail message to my minor son today, in which she falsely accuses me of child molestation, implies that I've molested my own son. She then proceeded to invoke the name of our deceased, gay brother William, to insist that he told her nasty things about me that are simply not true. In this blog, I will demonstrate to you that not only is Starliene Waits a pathological criminal, and liar, but she's also a con artist an a guilty of child endangerment. I wouldn't go to these lengths to expose the hypocrisy of just anybody. It was her decision to involve my child, and her desire to continue to spread lies about me that have led to this reaction. I know she's reading this, so, Star, This is your fucking life!

It's easy to see how her conniving smirk could be mistaken for a grandmotherly smile. She's just that deceptive, but here's what you probably don't know.


1992 - Starliene tricked our mother into co signing on a loan for a vehicle. When Starliene missed payments on the vehicle, she, and our mother, were sued. Starliene was ordered to pay over $1300

1993 - A finance company sues Starliene and her husband and wins $2800 plus.

1994 - William, our now deceased sibling, asks Starliene to care for his small dog. He receives information that Star has been subjecting the dog to living outdoors, in extreme temperatures, and the animal was infested with fleas to the point of infected sores, located throughout it's little body. Upon receiving a call from one of Starliene's children, William rescued the dog from Starlienes home, with the aide of our youngest sister, Chrissy. Starliene's reaction was to threaten her youngest brother William and her youngest sister Chrissy with a shotgun. In July of 1994, both William and Chrissy filed orders of protection against Starliene. Video taped evidence of this dogs condition, after living with Star does exist, and can be posted online. For Starliene to invoke William's name, may he rest in peace, in an attempt to bring mental harm to my child is unforgivable. Especially when you consider that in this life, he had absolutely no trust in Starliene Waits, whatsoever. In fact, he couldnt' stand her, and I have him saying such, in more colorful language, on home video, as well.

1994- continued with Starliene being convicted of theft by deception for writing a bad check to a hair salon. She paid over $82 in restitution and was sentenced to 10 days in jail. She went on to get sued by a finance company who successfully won oer $2100.

1997 - Starliene, the woman who has been continuously granted custody over her grandchildren, was convicted of speeding with kids in her vehicle. If that's not alarming enough, she was also convicted of driving with a child without proper restraint. Even Brittany Spears didn't get away with that. That is considered child endangerment. How could she get custody of her grandkids with a rap sheet like this?

1998 - Starliene was convicted on two separate incidents for theft by deception for writing bad checks, costing her nearly $300 in restitution and fines.

1999 - Starliene is convicted of theft by deception for yet another bad check, this time, at Dairy Mart. She's ordered to pay &85 plus, in restitution, $25 fine and sentenced to 10 days in jail.

2008 - Starliene Waits is charged with failure to produce an auto insurance card when pulled over by a cop. Starliene purchased insurance on the same day she was pulled over, and presented her new insurance card to Judge Heron, who dismissed the case without catching the date Starliene purchased insurance. Not only did Starliene perjure herself, but she made a fool of the judge and got away with it. The Shelby County courthouse can find this information in their own records anytime they want, but it doesn't seem they've bothered to.

2009 - Starliene and her her husband are successfully sued by a Mark D. for restitution and sentenced to pay $750 plus court costs.

2011 - The brother of Starliene's husband attempts to file a domestic violence report against Starliene and her husband. The same judge who has been keeping Starliene's grandchildren in her custody, Judge John David Myles, denied this order of protection against Starliene by her brother in law. The judge cited his denial reason as being due to "insufficient relationship". Apparently, unless Starliene's blood is in your veins, you can't get an order of protection against her with Judge Myles. You also can't get your kids back from her.

Currently, Starliene Waits is facing eviction from an old country house. Last Winter, Starliene forced her grandchildren to endure frigid temperatures, in a home that is not equipped with any heating source at all. The entire family was left no choice but to bundle up together in one room with a space heater, while Starliene and her husband attempted to warm the house with a gas cooking stove, which is extremely dangerous. Star doesn't have any children. The 3 she gave birth to are all adults now, and her youngest daughter is now 30 years old. Starliene has custody of her two, teen daughters, thanks to Judge Myles. By comparison, Starliene's daughter doesn't have much of a criminal history at all. In fact, if you were to examine her record, you'd find that the only charges brought against her were by her own mother Starliene. Starliene once sent her daughter to jail for 9 days after her daughter failed to pay child support. Starliene knew that her daughter couldn't afford the usual &700 child support payment that month. She had just accompanied her daughter to the hospital for major surgery, which had put her daughter out of work, causing the late payment. That's the kind of mother she is, and there's absolutely no reason for anyone, especially a judge, to believe that she could make a good caregiver for an animal, much less a child.

So Starliene, If you've read this far, and you're actually literate enough to understand the words I've said..... Understand this! You are busted!