Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A gay fan reaches out to me on video and brings me to tears!

I have been moved to tears by a young man named Kyle, who insists that he is my biggest fan. At this point, I am his, and here’s why. I met Kyle about a year ago online. As I often do, I was looking for nice, LGBT people to send friend requests to, and there was this gorgeous young man’s profile page. Kyle gladly accepted my friend request and began exploring my online content. He loved my songs and videos and blogs. He began writing to me, as many have, asking for advice on issues he was struggling with in his young life. At 19, Kyle had been through hell already. His mother, refusing to accept his homosexuality, would beat on him at home. Finally, one day, she just kicked him out of the house. She used religion as her tool to condemn him. Kyle moved in with his Grandma and he got a job at a grocery store. The past year, Kyle has confided in me about several issues he has. When Kyle was a baby, he had to have his throat operated on, and so his voice is raspy. He witnessed the ugly side of the gay lifestyle when some bitter bitches verbally bashed him on a radio show for being my friend. They made fun of his voice, as if it is something he has any control over. As I did with Kyle’s mother, I cussed those bitches out and put them in their place right fucking quick! Nobody messes with my friend without being called out on it by me. I guess if you really want to understand Kyle’s mom, the only way to describe her is with a song from South Park called, “Kyle’s Mom’s A Bitch!”, but that’s just my observation, which I gladly shared with her before she blocked me online.

What I didn’t realize when I started my online video series on Gay News, was that people would actually benefit from it as much as they have. Kyle says that the example of LGBT pride that I share has strengthened him and helped him to accept himself while the rest of the world catches up. Kyle has had his ups and downs this past year. He’s dated a couple of guys who just didn’t work out. I am confident that any single man with an ounce of taste and a loving heart, could get past the raspy voice and be in awe of Kyle’s stunningly handsome face and really sexy bod! He’s the full package, minus the bullshit backtalk! If I was single, I’d be stalking him, lol. He will make some lucky man a very good partner one day.

For now, Kyle is following in my footsteps, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has decided to keep all of his LGBT friends informed with his own “Doctor’s Gay News & Media” videos, and this is his first full show. I’ve been encouraging my friends to do what I’m doing all along, so this makes me very happy. Kyle recently started selling Mon A Vie health drinks to supplement his income. He starts out this video with his own ad for the product, explaining it’s health and pain relieving benefits. After this first story, Kyle gives a plug, and then he goes into a speech about me that reduced me to a sobbing mess. I hadn’t realized just how much I’ve touched this young man’s life until now. I’ve been so blessed through the kindness extended to me by strangers, who became friends, online. Never did I dream that such a blessing as Kyle would enter my life. Never, did I imagine that anyone would take what I do so seriously that they would say the kindest things about me that have ever been said. If I didn’t know my mission, going into the Gay News project I started, I do now. One of my goals is to help other feel as comfortable in their skin as I do. I wear my bisexuality like a second skin, everywhere I go. I would never deny it, or pretend to be anyone else. I had to travel a long, hard road to get here, but I never forgot those who helped show me the way. George Michael, Sir Elton John and even porn star Jeff Stryker helped me along by telling the world they were proud of who they are. If I can continue that kind of legacy, and help others, just by being me, then I’d be happy. To combine my LGBT pride with information that is relevant to our movement of equality is a dream come true for me. I always knew that I was meant to be heard on a large scale, and I was born to be famous. While my fame is slowly catching up to me, it is the climb that is the most rewarding of all. Knowing that I am not alone in this quest means more than I can express with words. I know that people like Kyle, and those who read my blogs, watch my videos and write to me, are with me every step of the way. Together, we keep adding more friends to our trek, and ultimately, we will all come together to celebrate OUR accomplishments. For as much praise as I receive for my efforts, they would be far less fruitful, if not for the amazing people who share what I write and post on my pages. Those of you, including my straight friends, who are not afraid to post my gay news on your sites, and are reaching out to your friends by sharing my content, are the true heroes of the LGBT movement. I can crank out videos until I die, but without you sharing them, they would never be viewed. Kyle is the perfect example of the kind of person I am reaching out to. The fact that he, not only gets it, but that he IS it, makes all the difference in the world.

Here’s Kyle’s video. I am going to be editing it for my next Gay News In Review on March 2nd.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What it's like to be a "gay" activist

What’s it like to be a “gay” activist? I guess that’s one of the most common questions I get from people who watch my Gay News videos. I am always quick to remind them that I am an LGBT activist, and that gay is just the easiest label for society to place on me. I would venture to guess that more people find me by googling the keywords gay activist, than they do LGBT activist, and my goal is to reach a wide audience. I watch my online audience grow larger every day, and it feels good to know that people are getting something from me that they value in the content I create. As an artist, nothing could be more rewarding than to know that there are people out there listening to my songs. The same applies to my photos, my videos and my blogs. They are all my own, unique creations. I am the controller of my online realm, of which, if you’re reading this, you are a part. Pretty much everything I create, in some way, is connected to activism for equality. From my uplifting song, “Don’t Give Up” to my down and dirty, sticks and stones, controversial, yet timely song, aptly titled, “Faggot” to the outright demand for equality in my most recent song, “Right 2B Gay”. It’s only natural that I would extend this activism into my video projects as well, and that has gotten me into a lot of trouble, LOL.

What’s it like to be a citizen journalist? I look for the angle in every story I cover, that may be overlooked in the media. Being a citizen journalist is not as easy as it may look. In order to find stories that are relevant, timely and interesting to my audience, I sometimes have to do a lot of research. I rely on every major news network in the world, but most of my news comes from where there is unprecedented coverage of gay news 24/7. My goal is not to compete with them in any way, but to share the stories that affect the LGBT community the most. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as being “over informed” when it comes to the issues that directly affect us as human beings. Aside from the long hours of preparation, the technicalities of shooting the scenes and editing them, there’s the aspect of public perception. Regardless of how well I plan my show. How lined up my bullet points and facts are, I always end up pissing somebody off with something I say. Joy Bahar once said something like, “Every public speaker loses half his audience the moment he opens his mouth.” that makes so much sense. Not everybody is going to agree with everything I say, and that’s okay with me. What matters is that they are talking about whatever issue I’ve just informed them about. I don’t care if the think I look like a cheap whore, as long as they get the message I’m putting out.

Does it bother me when people call me faggot or post a comment on my page calling me a pervert, freak, asshole, bitch, fudge packer etc.? Hell no! My favorite new quote is this: “Keep talking shit about me! You’re making me famous!” Of course there are lines that have been crossed by overzealous bitches trying to take my place in the world, but they were quickly handled with full force. My real friends don’t let assholes fuck with me online. Anyone who posts stupid shit on my pages will find their inbox jammed with my defenders, and trust me, it won’t be pretty, LOL. My people love my big gay ass and I love them all right back! Most of my friends list is family. No, I don’t have 44,000 relatives on myspace. I mean family as in “Love makes a family”, as in “We are family! I got all my sisters and me!”. No matter where in the world you travel, even in strictly religious regions of the world, if you have your gaydar turned on full volume, you will find your family members there. It’s that special, knowing wink or nod. That shy resisting stare. That funny tickle in your gut when you’re a lez who see’s a queen in an unexpected place, or vice versa. It’s a magic that makes us all united as one. We recognize each other because we’re supposed to. Ultimately, it will take the unification of us all to overcome the adversity we are facing in the world as a family. My goal isn’t to become a professional newscaster. I’m not trying to win American Idol. I just know that I only have one life, and I don’t want to spend it wondering what if? What if nobody ever marched I a pride parade? What if nobody ever stood up to the cops at stonewall. What if everybody still had to live in fear because nobody was strong enough to stand up and speak out for everyone. I would sacrifice my life to keep it from happening again. We must never go back to the days when gays were forced into shock treatment and considered mentally ill by the American psychiatry. What if there was no Sir Elton John, no Madonna, no Rufus Wainwright? What if there were no gays in fashion? This world would so uncolorful. Even the most stereotypical of us impact our environment in immeasurable ways. We all have our place. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, pre op, post op, leather men, bears, foot fetish dudes and chicks, queens, of all shapes and sizes, even bitchy, gay cliques have their place. I’ve been excluded by a member of every afore mentioned group at one time or another, but I don’t hold it against everybody when one person decides they don’t like me. I’ll fight for your rights, even if you don’t want them. I’ll fight for your rights, even if you think you already have them. I’ll keep fighting, no matter how many times I get cussed out, threatened or bashed on the radio. I’ll do it because they’re not just you’re rights, they’re mine. So, I hope this explains, not only what it’s like to do what I do, but why I do it. I’ll tell you right now that I couldn’t make a living at this, if I tried. I do this for the pleasure and peace of mind it brings to do my part in this fight for equality for our family.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Clear and Present Danger of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Don’t ask don’t tell is a political hot button, but it’s far more than that. It’s the livelihood of tens of thousands of US military personnel. I was excited to report on my most recent Gay News video that the Pentagon would be holding hearings this week in order to determine the best way to end don’t ask don’t tell. I was disgusted to find out that they anticipate the ultimate decision being made in over a year. Clearly this isn’t good enough, and so it’s back to putting pressure on our president to sign a stop loss into action and suspend this law. It’s time for these incompetent idiots who are getting our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan finally pull their heads out of their own asses and step into reality.

The word “integration” keeps getting thrown around a lot in this debate. “We need time to figure out how we’re going to integrate homosexuals into the military” says one asshole, “Don’t ask don’t tell has been affective” says another prick, named John McCain. The thing is, not only are neither of these guys gay, but they seem completely oblivious to the fact that they, themselves, most likely served with gay soldiers who were forced to lie about who they were to defend their own country. You call that freedom? I call it a pile of bullshit! Gays are already integrated into the military. They’re just not as bitchy and can’t be as honest as I am, so you don’t always notice them.

This isn’t about enlisting more gay people. It’s not a career choice that most of us would choose. However, when I hear that we’ve lost 10% of our Arabic translators to Don’t ask don’t tell, I wonder how much our military leaders really care about preventing another terror attack on our homeland. It’s like Al Qaeda is paying the Pentagon to stop monitoring them, and to use the gay issue as a cover. It’s the equivalent of corporations paying the government to turn the other way as they plan and execute 9/11 attacks to incite mass fear and control over people so they can initiate an illegal war against a nation without any WMD. (Whew!) They destroyed Iraq so Halliburton could rebuild it. When the only people in the world who are trained to monitor the terrorist chatter are gone, the increased chance of another 9/11 scale attack is incalculable. Didn’t G.W. Bush say that if you’re not with us, you’re against us? Is this how we’re supposed treat the “us” he was referring to? Because all Americans are really just living in a protective bubble that is only as strong as the men and woman who guard and protect us all. So when you refer to us, you must always put our military first and foremost, because they are they people who make every freedom in the general population possible. As long as there is an all encompassing military rule that includes no sex between any service members, then it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, black, white or purple! I got two words that will keep “integration” very simple for everybody. “No Fucking!”

And to the bigots who believe that gays and lesbians should not serve openly in our military, ask yourself this. If you were on the front line and you had to be stuck with a homosexual comrade, would you prefer that comrade to be:

A: A person who lies about having a girlfriend, and secretly loathes your overt, unchecked homophobia or

B: An openly gay person who is willing to work with you honestly and prove that he or she can do anything you can.

Gays must maintain a cleaner record than the average soldier in order to excel. These people getting kicked out of our military didn’t just enlist a few weeks ago. These are seasoned professionals who specialize in the most intricate operations. Losing them is not just a loss to the security of our entire nation, it’s a blow to the example that gay and lesbian American soldiers are capable of setting to the world. The invalid fear of the opposition is that overall troop morale will be dramatically affected. What about the morale of the gays and lesbians who are being forced to lie every day in order to keep a job they live for? What about the morale of those soldiers who can’t even pull out a photo of their life partner and look at it without fear of losing their careers?

So, to recap. This isn’t about “integration”. This is about “troop morale”. It’s about homeland security and American freedom. It’s about giving gay American citizens more benefits than any undocumented worker who is lucky enough to breech our porous borders. Illegal immigrants currently have two rights that US citizens who are gay do not. Illegal aliens can join the military, and they can marry a US citizen of the opposite sex. Until our Federal government acknowledges the fact that our constitution was not written in order to exclude any segment of society from equality, we will be the third class citizens who are living in the shadows. I, for one, refuse to stand for that. So I call upon everyone to monitor this situation closely. The time is likely to come, eventually, when I will be asking you to contact your congressmen or women to insist that they vote to repeal don’t ask don’t tell. Will you be on my side when I do? I think it may end up being the only way to get this done, and if so, we have a long, hard battle ahead of us. We must stay strong, and we must be united in our fight. That means everybody, gay, straight, trans, bi, bears and leather men and all. It’s going to take all of our voices, so get your friends activated politically. They all need to understand that 2010 is a make or break year for many of our rights. It will take every voice we can muster to overcome the discrimination that is to come. Brace yourselves friends. I will be with you all the way.

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