Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Clear and Present Danger of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Don’t ask don’t tell is a political hot button, but it’s far more than that. It’s the livelihood of tens of thousands of US military personnel. I was excited to report on my most recent Gay News video that the Pentagon would be holding hearings this week in order to determine the best way to end don’t ask don’t tell. I was disgusted to find out that they anticipate the ultimate decision being made in over a year. Clearly this isn’t good enough, and so it’s back to putting pressure on our president to sign a stop loss into action and suspend this law. It’s time for these incompetent idiots who are getting our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan finally pull their heads out of their own asses and step into reality.

The word “integration” keeps getting thrown around a lot in this debate. “We need time to figure out how we’re going to integrate homosexuals into the military” says one asshole, “Don’t ask don’t tell has been affective” says another prick, named John McCain. The thing is, not only are neither of these guys gay, but they seem completely oblivious to the fact that they, themselves, most likely served with gay soldiers who were forced to lie about who they were to defend their own country. You call that freedom? I call it a pile of bullshit! Gays are already integrated into the military. They’re just not as bitchy and can’t be as honest as I am, so you don’t always notice them.

This isn’t about enlisting more gay people. It’s not a career choice that most of us would choose. However, when I hear that we’ve lost 10% of our Arabic translators to Don’t ask don’t tell, I wonder how much our military leaders really care about preventing another terror attack on our homeland. It’s like Al Qaeda is paying the Pentagon to stop monitoring them, and to use the gay issue as a cover. It’s the equivalent of corporations paying the government to turn the other way as they plan and execute 9/11 attacks to incite mass fear and control over people so they can initiate an illegal war against a nation without any WMD. (Whew!) They destroyed Iraq so Halliburton could rebuild it. When the only people in the world who are trained to monitor the terrorist chatter are gone, the increased chance of another 9/11 scale attack is incalculable. Didn’t G.W. Bush say that if you’re not with us, you’re against us? Is this how we’re supposed treat the “us” he was referring to? Because all Americans are really just living in a protective bubble that is only as strong as the men and woman who guard and protect us all. So when you refer to us, you must always put our military first and foremost, because they are they people who make every freedom in the general population possible. As long as there is an all encompassing military rule that includes no sex between any service members, then it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, black, white or purple! I got two words that will keep “integration” very simple for everybody. “No Fucking!”

And to the bigots who believe that gays and lesbians should not serve openly in our military, ask yourself this. If you were on the front line and you had to be stuck with a homosexual comrade, would you prefer that comrade to be:

A: A person who lies about having a girlfriend, and secretly loathes your overt, unchecked homophobia or

B: An openly gay person who is willing to work with you honestly and prove that he or she can do anything you can.

Gays must maintain a cleaner record than the average soldier in order to excel. These people getting kicked out of our military didn’t just enlist a few weeks ago. These are seasoned professionals who specialize in the most intricate operations. Losing them is not just a loss to the security of our entire nation, it’s a blow to the example that gay and lesbian American soldiers are capable of setting to the world. The invalid fear of the opposition is that overall troop morale will be dramatically affected. What about the morale of the gays and lesbians who are being forced to lie every day in order to keep a job they live for? What about the morale of those soldiers who can’t even pull out a photo of their life partner and look at it without fear of losing their careers?

So, to recap. This isn’t about “integration”. This is about “troop morale”. It’s about homeland security and American freedom. It’s about giving gay American citizens more benefits than any undocumented worker who is lucky enough to breech our porous borders. Illegal immigrants currently have two rights that US citizens who are gay do not. Illegal aliens can join the military, and they can marry a US citizen of the opposite sex. Until our Federal government acknowledges the fact that our constitution was not written in order to exclude any segment of society from equality, we will be the third class citizens who are living in the shadows. I, for one, refuse to stand for that. So I call upon everyone to monitor this situation closely. The time is likely to come, eventually, when I will be asking you to contact your congressmen or women to insist that they vote to repeal don’t ask don’t tell. Will you be on my side when I do? I think it may end up being the only way to get this done, and if so, we have a long, hard battle ahead of us. We must stay strong, and we must be united in our fight. That means everybody, gay, straight, trans, bi, bears and leather men and all. It’s going to take all of our voices, so get your friends activated politically. They all need to understand that 2010 is a make or break year for many of our rights. It will take every voice we can muster to overcome the discrimination that is to come. Brace yourselves friends. I will be with you all the way.

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