Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gay News - State Of The Union

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm in love with Obama all over again!

I have to admit. I’ve done my share of public speculation over the way that President Obama has handled the LGBT issues that he promised to address. I realize now that my complaints were premature. Now that he has been in office for a full year, I have to give him credit for what he has done, not for what I wanted him to do. Obama’s State of the Union speech last night reassured me of his commitments, not only to the LGBT community, but to all Americans. Now a lot of people are going to get pissed off at me for this. They love it when I get all political and point out hypocrisy and un-kept promises. I’m done with that for a while. I realize that we handed Obama a plate full of crap, and he’s had to prioritize each and every chunk of it. So gay rights is like a chunk of corn stuck at the bottom, but it’s rising it’s way up to the top of the pile. I can smell the equality coming people! Can you smell that?

I am in love with Obama all over again. He is standing up to the right wing nut jobs who, for too long, have hidden behind their majority party. Now that Republicans are in the minority, they are showing their true colors. When the party unanimously voted against health care reform, it told the whole country that Republicans in the House and Senate don’t give a damn about the average American citizen at all. They are the corporate whores of health insurance companies, and the lobbyists are lubing them all up. 5 Republican Supreme Court judges voted to allow corporations to hijack our democratic election system with unlimited campaign financing potential. Clearly, these judges are a part of the Republican corruption that has been killing America for the past decade, or longer. When will America wake up and smell the corruption in the current Republican party? What will it take for us to realize that any government party with the ability to influence every member, including Supreme Court judges, cannot be trusted? People are always talking about a New World Order and a Zeitgeist which would involve some kind of secret, underground club filled with elite members, consisting of the wealthiest and most powerful politicians in the world. An Order so powerful and secretive, that it controls, literally, thousands of people. A New World Order that is hell bent on the destruction of America, in order to weaken us all into submission to a One World Dictatorship. If such an order exists, I submit to you, my intelligent reader, that it is most likely to exist within the U.S. Republican party than anywhere else on Earth. You want a New World Order? Vote Republican!

Now I’m not saying Democrats are perfect, because they are clearly not. Dems can’t keep a secret to save their lives, so you know their not mixed up in this New World Order business. Every word of every Presidential speech is leaked before it leaves his lips. I am using the President as my example of what this country needs in a Democratic president. It’s easy to look at what he hasn’t done yet, but have you taken the time to look at what he HAS done? He has successfully drawn down our troops in Iraq, and pledged an end to that war by this coming August! Had Mc Cain been elected, we would still be funneling money into Iraq, and healthcare reform wouldn’t even be on the table. He’s also vowed to end the war in Afghanistan next year. Mc Cain wouldn’t have done that either. Obama has passed the hate crime law that includes protection of all LGBT Americans! Mc Cain wouldn’t have signed that! Obama has given tax incentives to first time home buyers, opening up the stagnant real estate market, increasing the value of many homes. He has gotten most of the money back from the bank bail outs. Obama has repeatedly stated in his speeches that he wants DADT (Don’t ask Don’t tell) repealed, so that gays can serve openly in the military. No Republican will want to sign that bill. The Supreme Court won’t even touch it. Like Obama said, he didn’t take on any of these issues because they were good political moves, he took them on because the American citizens deserve better than what we are getting. He’s even increasing Pell grants, and taking out the middle man in student loans to save students even more on tuition. He announced government spending cuts in programs that are overloaded with fraud and inefficiency. He is not the fiscally irresponsible president that Republicans are accusing him of being. I believe that President Obama is sincere and motivated to restore democracy to this great nation.

And so I still continue to support our president. I’m cutting him some slack. He may not have accomplished everything I wanted him to, but what he has accomplished far exceeds any Republican or Democrat ever in his office. No other sitting president has ever cared as much about LGBT equality, or LGBT hate crime laws, or civil unions that would include the 1049 legal rights associated with Federally recognized marriage.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Gays and Blacks and Jews....Oh My!

Do you know why prop 8 passed in California last year? It was because of Mormons in Utah. That’s right, Mormons, from another state determined whether or not same sex couples in California could be married, legally. How did they do it? It was easy… The leaders of the Mormon cult in Utah convinced their sheeple to donate money to fight same sex marriage in another state. The congregation was only too happy to oblige this brainwashing and hand over their money. Many Mormon families bragged about how they had sacrificed their family vacation savings to fight the sin of homosexuality. All that money was collected and used to produce advertisements. Not just any old ads, but ads which were specifically designed to target and sway the minds of the most ignorant, and religiously bigoted people in California. The religious bigots on the receiving end of these ads happened to be mostly African American Evangelicals. The irony here is that Mormon’s are a very white people. Mormon’s believe that Evangelists are going to hell. Mormon’s do nothing to promote equality for African Americans. Why then, would so many people of color want to listen to anything the Mormons have to say, much less answer a call to action from them? It’s because the Mormon’s hid behind the curtain of NOM (National Organization For Marriage). Like a fake wizard, speaking a language that Evangelical blacks could relate to, they successfully transferred their religious hatred with a degree of anonymity. You see, if a Mormon shows up at an evangelist’s door selling his religion, the evangelist is obligated to cast that Mormon away. The Evangelist and the Mormon, each believe the other is worshipping a false God. Inside their own church walls, the battle of belief unfolds behind a pulpit of hellfire and brimstone. The Evangelist preacher has no problem telling his flock that all Mormon’s are going to hell in their idolic, magical underwear. Meanwhile, the Mormons openly condemn every customer at Starbucks for consuming the ever sinful cuppa coffee. It’s all internal tit for tat, until they join forces to strip a social minority of their civil rights, in the name of God. The scary thing is, their brainwashing ads were effective enough to make a large number of African American voters in California disconnect themselves from the commonalities between the historic Black and Gay movements for equality. I am absolutely convinced that all movements for equality are the same movement. It is no coincidence that blacks and whites could not marry each other a few decades ago? Do you know that our very own president Barack Obama would have been born out of wedlock if his parents had lived in the wrong state at the time of his birth? Why shouldn’t blacks be able to marry whites? What’s wrong with people deciding to spend their own lives with that one special person who loves them? Isn’t it hard enough to find true love in this world? Why would we want to limit ourselves to one race of people when there is love inside the beating hearts of human beings of every skin tone? What do we, as a society, have to gain by voting against the personal happiness of any consenting, adult couple? When the law recognized interracial marriage, on a Federal level, the people had no choice but to accept it. Yet, even as we have the first interracial president, and pop culture is saturated with diversity, the underlying, ignorant, racist hatred still exists. The evangelical movement was founded on racism. The biggest Evangelical colleges didn’t even allow interracial couples to attend until the 1970’s. Just last year, a Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple. He said he did it to spare their future kids the pain of growing up different in a society that doesn’t accept them. Imagine that, children being brought into the world as bastards because a racist is afraid they will be victims of racism…. The ignorance is literally mind boggling. The thing is, every single aspect of this scenario is being played out every single day, all across America for GLBT couples and their children. So let’s review:

Interracial couples denied legal marriage status

Gays denied legal marriage status

Prominent Evangelists spoke out publicly against interracial marriage

Prominent Evangelists are speaking out against same sex marriage

Studies show that children of interracial couples do just as well as kids of same color parents.

Studies show that children of same sex couples do just as well as couples of the opposite sex.

Interracial couples win the right to Federally recognized marriage

Same sex couples are still waiting for that basic civil right.

The next step is easy to see. We will gain our marriage rights, sooner or later. We must learn from the equality movements that were in each stage that we find ourselves in. Whether or not all black Americans want to equate our movements, the facts are undeniable. We all want the same thing, and that’s equality. What I’ve learned, growing up listening to Martin Luther King Jr. and other cultural icons of inspiration, is that pride is the glue that holds us all together. Take pride in the knowledge that you exist for a reason, and you are not alone. For although we may not all be of one color, or follow the same religion, there is no less of a sense of family among us than there is any other group on Earth. When an LGBT person is in need, there is always someone out there willing to help. When one of us is shot down, the rest of us rise up. Blacks and gays are equally condemned, in this so called democracy.

Jews And Gays

Recently, I posted a status comment about something, and a debate started between two of my friends about the comparison between the gay movement and the holocaust. One friend said that the proposed death sentence for gays in Uganda is the equivalent of Hitler and the holocaust. Another reader responded by saying:

“Stop comparing the gay movement to the holocaust! Unless you’ve been in a concentration camp or a gas chamber, and you’re still alive, then you don’t know what you’re talking about”

I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. I went to Poland. I visited Auschwitz. I touched the walls of the gas chambers, and I put my head into the ovens. It tore my heart out. I felt the screams of every man, woman and child echoing through my soul. I’m not Jewish. I didn’t go there for the purpose of morning a relative. I went there because I had to see it for myself in order to comprehend the true magnitude of the terror that happened there. I felt like I had to face this hate and it’s reality in order to stand up to it and fight it in it’s current form. What so many people are ignorant of is the fact that Hitler hated gays as much as he did Jews. Pink triangles were sewn onto the striped uniforms that all death camp workers wore if they were gay. The concentration camp is filled with reminders that he who forgets history is destined to repeat it. For anyone to refuse the connection between Hitler killing gays and Ugandan lawmakers pushing a law that would sentence gays to death, is forgetting history. So take it from someone who’s been there. Ask yourself what hate is. Ask yourself if it’s in you, and eliminate it wherever you find it.

Simply asking me not to compare the gay movement to the African American rights movement or the holocaust is, in and of itself, a bigoted request to make.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gay Parenting And Adoption

USA Today just published an article about a study which indicates that children of same sex parents appear to do just as well as children with parents of the opposite sex. This thorough and detailed review studied families around the world and compared the progress of kids with heterosexual parents to those of homosexual couples, and the results are undeniable. Gays and lesbians are just as good at parenting as our heterosexual counterparts. The myth that gay parenting and adoption is harmful to children has been exposed as a lie. Click the link below to read the full story online.

As a gay parent myself, I don’t need a study to tell me that my kids are as normal as anybody else’. My street looks like the opening theme of the show “Weeds” with all the little boxes cranking out people who come out all the same. I live that. When I look at my neighbors and their kids, and I see a reflection of my own family. Two loving parents, two kids and a house with a fenced in back yard. Sadly, I suspect that some of my neighbors are not seeing their family reflected in mine, and that’s because they don’t view my family as equal to theirs. This study, if nothing else, should clarify for anyone in doubt, that when it all boils down, a family is a family is a family. The only thing that makes your family better than anyone else’ is the fact that it YOURS. And you know what…? Family is the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you. Even in death, my brother is still my family. And so it is with great pride that I am willing to share the following story with you from my past. I didn’t become a parent by accident. It was something I dreamed of since I was a child.


This was all happening back in 1992, and we didn’t have the Internet yet. I saw an episode of Sally Jesse Raphael in which she was talking to the author of an adoption guide. I wrote down the information and called to order it immediately. The book was filled with resources and information about every kind of adoption, from International adoption requirements to open and closed adoptions to foster parenting. I quickly singled out an adoption agency in Chicago and called to get us into an orientation meeting. The meeting started off with a very conservative looking woman, dressed all buttoned up in black with a broach in the middle of her skinny, white, wrinkled neck. The first thing she said was this:

“If you are an unmarried couple, you may as well save yourself some time and just leave this orientation now. This agency does not, under any circumstance adopt any child out to any couple who isn’t willing to commit through matrimony.”

I shot a concerned look at my partner and he whispered, “That couldn’t possibly apply to us. We CAN’T get married.” and so we stayed and listened to the entire lecture about the challenges of adoption. It felt like they were trying to scare everybody away from adopting children. When I later discovered that this place was a modern day orphanage that receives 10 times more in subsidy, per child in their care, than a foster parent does, I understood why they wanted to keep those kids locked up until the checks stopped coming in. Not having a clue about how the system works back then, I went along with my partner when he requested a private consultation with the old bitty who had just bored me to tears. Her reaction to us was shocking.

“If I told my supervisor that I have a gay couple in here that wants to adopt a child, she would laugh me out of her office.”

That’s what the bitch said. She followed it up with some remarks about teen boys in the orphanage who had been sexually abused and how the system just doesn’t trust gays. She told me if I really wanted to help kids that I should become a volunteer and just help them. I told her I was glad to volunteer my time to help any child in need, and she handed me a card to an inner city daycare center for low income families. Before I left, I just had to tell her this:

“Woman, you are pure evil, and you are keeping children out of loving homes. Whether you keep one child or a thousand children from ever knowing the love on even one parent, you have committed far worse sin than any homosexual ever intended to. If I am going to hell, I can certainly look forward to seeing you there as well. Have a nice day.”

No sooner had I reached the exit door when the tears came flooding out of me. The pain was unbearable. It can only compare to the loss of a loved one, only this was like losing a loved one I could never have. That’s when my partner promised me that he would make sure that we adopted a child, no matter what. His determination convinced me that it was true, and it was.

We learned that we didn’t have to go through any adoption agency to adopt in our state. We could adopt right through children and family services, using their free home study classes and evaluation and the required foster parenting classes. We also discovered that adoption was just like the military at that time. It was all about Don’t ask Don’t tell. Adoption was never about making a gay activist statement for us. It was about completing our family. And so we decided that one of us would adopt the child and later on, the other would co adopt. This would prevent the media mess that being the first openly gay couple in our state to adopt would generate. It would also increase our chances of getting a child, since single parents are preferred over gay ones. The trouble was, our case workers were not blind, and I never went into hiding. I was there for every home review and interview. I just said, “I live here in exchange for cooking and cleaning and I will be the child’s caregiver.” In reality, it wasn’t a lie. Still, it would take a over a year and one last miracle before we would have a baby in our arms. Every case worker assigned to our case had told us it would not likely ever happen, but we never gave up. I called the inner city daycare center on the card the old bitty gave me, and arranged an interview with the head start program director. I volunteered as an assistant daycare teacher for most of a school year, and was hired at $5 an hour to assist full time for a second year at this preschool. I loved those kids and they loved me, but it was not adoption. If anything, it left me feeling emptier inside when I had to say goodbye to my preschool graduates.

It was a sheer accident that led to the placement of our first baby boy. We had no intention of becoming foster parents, but in order to adopt, we had to have the condo licensed for foster care. And so it was in error that my partner’s name somehow managed to get mistakenly put on a foster parenting invitation list. He was invited to an event which involved seasoned foster parents discussing ways to improve the foster care system. At first, I told him not to waste his time, because we weren’t planning to become foster parents. Something inside of him told him to go. Perhaps it was curiosity. Perhaps it was fate. All I know is that this meeting changed our lives forever, and here’s how.

There were about 50 or so people all seated in folding chairs in front of a podium where speakers were addressing them with speeches. One foster parenting couple received an award for 25 years of fostering over 150 children. The event ended with a Q and A session, in which each of the foster parents were asked to stand up and offer their advice on improving the system. When it was my partner’s turn to stand up, he did, and he said this:

“I’m trying to adopt a child. My home study workers tell me it will never happen. I had never considered foster parenting before, but after hearing all of your stories, I believe I could be a foster parent. I want a permanent placement, but I am willing to love any child who needs me.”

Upon hearing this, a woman stood up in the back of the room, and she told my partner to meet with her afterwards. Her name was Barbara, and she was a child placement advocate. She described her job as being a liaison between parents seeking placement and children seeking homes. She then explained a terminology to my partner that he had never heard of before called “Legal risk placement”. Legal risk placement is when a child enters the foster care system and it is quickly discovered that there is a slim chance he or she will be returned to their biological family. She explained that if we were willing to take in a legal risk child, we could have a child placed with us within two weeks who would most likely become adoptable in the near future, pending the red tape and court custody rulings. Two weeks later, we got a call from her, and our first son showed up on our doorstep.

It took over two years to get through the court cases and clear him for adoption, and he could have been removed from our home at any point, without explanation during that time. Once the adoption was final, we all took a deep sigh of relief. Our journey had finally come to an end, or so we thought! The story of how we came to adopt our second child, who is the actual biological brother of our first son, is another miracle that I will share with you all another day.

I hope this blog has opened your mind to the potential for gay parenting and adoption. There are over 129,000 children awaiting an adoptive home in the USA. Through gay parenting and adoption, we can bring these kids into adulthood by meeting the same needs that any heterosexual couple could.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gays Are Going To Hell

The God That Sends Gays To Hell:

Although I’ve been told many times, throughout my life, that God doesn’t love me because I am gay, I never allowed myself to believe it. Perhaps God just wouldn’t allow me to believe that I am somehow less worthy in the eyes of my creator than anyone else. I think the truth is that we are all God’s children. I have a right to that opinion. If God is the Alpha and the Omega, then God is also everything in between, and that includes mankind. I’m not a Christian, but I believe Jesus was God’s son. I believe this because I believe that every human is a child of God, and that doesn’t exclude me because I’m gay. In fact, I believe that my homosexuality is a divine part of the natural sequence of the Universe, and on a deeper level, a crucial element of the longevity of the very planet we all live on. In short, God made gays to prevent overpopulation.

Homosexuality is as natural as God himself:

We see homosexual tendencies in over 450 animal species in nature. We understand that our closest relative with 99.9% matching DNA is capable of homosexual life mating. Gay chimps make headlines all the time. Why does such a large percentage of human society continue to deny the natural, harmless, and special benefits that homosexuality provides for our very own species? It is estimated that 10% of the world’s population is gay. If this is true, then combine that number of people with those who choose not to have children, and then multiply it at the same rate of heterosexual procreation. It doesn’t take a lot of math to figure out that our planet would not be capable of sustaining such an increase in world population. The world is currently enduring crisis and we are already experiencing a growing world food shortage. Ultimately, it will not be gays that destroy society, it will be average citizens who are desperate for sustenance. Most people live in denial of this fact every day, but the reality will catch up to us all sooner or later.

When gays become parents:

The vast majority of LGBT people choose not to parent a child at all. LGBT people adopt approximately 4% of all children in the USA. When the number of gays exceeds the number of right wing Christians who adopt, the discrimination and bigotry of the Evangelical movement becomes clearer. There are an estimated 5 Million Christian Right Wingers in the USA. There are 129.000 children awaiting an adoptive home. If the Christian duty of every right winger is to protect children from harm, then shouldn’t they, themselves, be adopting these children, instead of inflicting more harm by preventing their adoption by loving LGBT parents? Aren’t these, so called, Christians actually causing more harm to these children than any gay parent ever could? Many of these 129,000 children will grow up in foster homes and modern day orphanages. They will be pumped full of psychotropic meds to control them. They will be subjected to systematic abuse by low paid, under qualified state employees. At age 18, they will be turned into the streets without ever having known the love of even one parent. If this is what Christ would do, then there’s no need to wonder why I don’t consider myself to be a Christian. Even though I respect Jesus as a historic figure who never intended any harm upon any man, woman or child. It’s the Evangelical movement that is turning people away from the true God, and they shall be the ones to face eternal justice for doing so.

Back to the beginning:

Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. It doesn’t fully document the in depth history of mankind in it’s incestuous stage, but it’s an undeniable factor if we are to believe the bible. For without incest, the story of Adam and Eve, indeed, the bible itself could never have existed. There would have been no men to write, or translate or interpret it. So here’s my understanding of all this.

1) We didn’t come from a monkey. (That would be gross)

2) We did come from incest. (Because that was okay when the world needed to be populated)

Fact: The world is overpopulating at an alarming rate which exceeds the resources required to sustain life as we know it.

Fact: Both the Old and New testaments clearly state that incest is a sin. You will find more verses against incest than homosexuality. The most popular verse used in the bible by Evangelicals is in Leviticus. Leviticus also brings us such timeless rules that include a promise of damnation to those who eat shellfish or pork, or shave their beard the wrong way.

So, here’s what I choose to believe. I believe that there was a force of nature that began all existence of everything in existence. From the first speck of matter to the big boom to wherever it all ends, and everything in between. I am God, and God is me. I don’t look for God in any book or church. I look for God within myself, and ask myself what I could have possibly been born here to do, and I do it. I’m not trying to push my beliefs off on anyone, and I don’t allow anyone to push theirs off on me. I cannot, as an intelligent adult, commit to any religion that just doesn’t fully add up to me. I’ve examined so many of them, and there are so many commonalities, and common contradictions. I think I discovered inner peace when I came to my own conclusion that we are solely responsible for our successes and failures in this life. Some say that praying to God is like asking a waiter to change your order after it’s already been cooked. Our fates are either sealed or they are not. I choose not to spend my life worrying about my fate. I prefer to take immediate action to ensure my legacy as a human being. For a man is only as good as his word, and his words are only as good as the message they send. My message to everyone is this:

Never let anybody tell you that you are going to hell. They have no right to judge you, under any religious premise. Anyone who says you are going to hell is saying it because they are filled with hate, and that’s where they want you to go. Clearly, if hell is a place for those who hate, then, by their own belief, it will be populated by people like themselves. And even after reading all this, if you believe you are going to hell because you are gay, then consider yourself in good company. I’d rather spend an eternity with a bunch of Godless gays than with a bunch of stuffy, Evangelical bible thumpers anyway, wouldn’t you?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The horrific death of my gay brother William

My dear little brother, It’s been nearly 10 years since that fateful night you left this world in horror. The image of you hanging from that tree in your lover’s back yard still doubles me over in agony at the thought. Your life was lived to help others. You gave so much of yourself to so many, and then you were just gone. The sudden shock of the news seemed to break apart every cell in my being. When they were put back together again, I lost a part of myself and will never be the same again. The questions I’ve been asking for nearly a decade remain the same. Did you kill yourself, or were you murdered?

The cops found a suicide tape in your pocket. Repeatedly listening to the tape I can tell it was made on a night when crickets were chirping. You died on a night when there were terrible thunder storms. I explained this to the cops, but they refused to listen. They are all good friends with your lover Gary. They’ve allowed him to drive drunk in that small town for years. So I spoke to the coroner. At first, he didn’t want to release your body. He said you and Gary were legally married and he was at your commitment ceremony. I explained to him that gay marriage isn’t legal in Indiana, so he released your body to mom, but he refused an autopsy, even though your death couldn’t have been more unnatural. So no autopsy was performed. The marks on your neck could have led a pathologist to the truth, but nobody but me was insisting on an autopsy, and my voice was not heard. They did test your blood. They didn’t want to touch an openly gay, dead man. They feared you had HIV. The blood test came back with trace amounts of phenobarbitol and traces of valium, too small to even knock you out. Clearly, the tape you made with crickets chirping, in which you said you were taking an overdose of valium, was not made the night you died. I’ve spent ten years trying to prove that you were killed, and I can’t. That judge who used to go to parties at your house and snort cocaine in your bathroom decided not to allow me to review the public records surrounding your death, even though I am legally entitled to do so. His secretary told me I’d have to hire a lawyer to get the judge to hear the case and then the judge would probably say no. I told her to tell the judge that I know what a coke head he is, and I expected as much. So even the photos taken of your body have never been released to me. Those pictures are the last thing in the world I ever wanted to see, but if I could have just gotten them to an Independent pathologist, the truth could have come out.

At first, I was angry with you on so many levels. How could you stay with that abusive piece of shit who beat you? How could you have possibly ended your own life without notifying me? How could you leave so many things undone that could cause me and everyone you love a lifetime of suffering and questioning? It took every ounce of my own strength not to follow you into death. You were my best friend. My only full blooded sibling and the fact that we were gay brothers made us unique. Everything I had worked to achieve up to that point felt like a burden. I wanted to die too, but my children were keeping me alive. I couldn’t put them through the pain that made my own life unbearable. I refused myself so many pleasures in life because you weren’t alive to enjoy them. I went from 200 lbs to 150 lbs in body weight within weeks of your death. How could I enjoy anything when I could never share it with you again? Believe it or not, it was a dream that healed me.

In the dream, you were alive again, but very weak. You had cancer and were as small as a child, so I carried you. I carried you out onto the frozen surface of Lake Michigan. As we neared a section of thin, breaking ice, you said something to me that I will never forget. “You must go back Chaz, and put your feet on solid ground. I am no longer there for you to carry through life, but your children are.” And when I looked into the face of the body I held in my arms, it was no longer you. There in my arms was my son Patrick, who was just a toddler at the time. I got your message loud and clear. This life is not to be lived for myself, but rather for those who I love that need me the most. I began to heal myself, gain weight and count the blessings I had left in this life.

In my dreams, you never died. We still get into trouble and smoke weed and chase hotties. I never ask how you died, and you never tell me. It’s as if you don’t want me to be 100% sure either way. I refused your lover entry to your funeral. Your love for him was misplaced, along with your trust. The abuse you suffered at his hands for those six years together was enough to make me want to end his life, his casual attitude towards your death prompted me to seal the deal. I actually was planning to kill Gary Hobbs. I had managed to get my hands on two full bottles of valium, and I crushed them into fine powder. I pretended to let Gary console me on the phone without accusing him of anything for two weeks after you died, so I could visit his home without suspicion. On the day I was to visit him, and poison him with valium, a family emergency came up that prevented my plan from coming to fruition. When Gary called me and was cussing me out for not being there to take what he called “all your shit” from his home, I explained how lucky he was that I had not made it to Salem Indiana that day. I told him that I know he killed you, either by his own hand or by driving you to end your own life. I told how that I had planned to kill him, and warned him that if he ever crossed my path in this life again, it would definitely be the last time. You picked a town and a lover that did nothing but conspire to conceal the facts surrounding your untimely demise. All I could do was inform everybody you knew of the circumstances. So I created a flyer and called it “The Naked Truth” and I put a naked pic of my ass on the top to make sure it got the attention of anyone who received it. I placed it in hundreds of newspaper boxes around your town. Now there’s not a person in Salem Indiana who isn’t aware of what I know. The coroner was not re elected, but the new coroner continued his refusal to offer me any public documents. I had even considered handcuffing my nude body to the flagpole of the Salem Police Department with your name written on my back, but I realized that getting arrested by the same assholes who are covering up your death would not bring the attention required to fix this. Instead, I’ve spent the last decade of my life trying to gain enough fame to make people like Oprah give a shit about what I have to say. I’m still not there yet and Oprah doesn’t know I exist. Your signature trademarks and sayings have become mine now. Your fight for equality for gays has become mine. Your influence on me is the driving force behind everything I do these days. The things you would have said regarding every topic enter my mind before my own opinions do and make my statements more powerful. William, you live on in my heart and mind, and will never truly die for as long as I’m alive to fulfill your legacy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The timeless and unchanging BIBLE

One of my myspace friends Lilith, sent me this amazing piece in an e mail and gave me permission to share it. I think it puts the bible into a perspective that must be seen by anyone who claims to follow it as a timeless and unchanging life guide. As I fully believe in freedom of speech, and myspace is currently disabling my links, I am bringing this thought provoking blog to you here on Please support my blogs by bookmarking and returning to this page often. If you are on my myspace page, watch for my blogs to direct you to this site where I will be compensated by my sponsors, rather than generating income for myspace. Everytime you read one of my blogs, you tell my sponsors that you like what I have to say. So please, save this site for future reference, and remember, there is always one website where nothing I post can be deleted, and that is my official website at Thank you, now enjoy the following submission from Lilith.

Here are some weird laws that no one really takes serious, but are considerd sins:

*The eating of fat is prohibited forever. (Lev 3:17)

*You cannot round the corners of your beard or the hair on your temples. (Lev 19:27)

*Witches should be killed. (Ex 22:18)

*The congregation was to be a bastard free zone. The Bible was so dead set against bastards that their children, even to the tenth generation, could not enter the assembly of the Lord. (Duet 23:2) This is in keeping with God's principle of punishing children for the wrongdoings of their parents.

*Handicapped people could not approach God. Their presence would profane his sanctuary. (Lev 21:16-23) This scripture single-handedly offends almost every category of handicapped persons you can name. The blind, lame, injured, hunchbacks and dwarfs are specifically named. If anyone is left out, the catchall phrase "anyone with a blemish" is thrown in to cover them. I guess in Israel, the handicapped parking stalls were at the far end of the parking lot.

*Entrance into the assembly of the Lord was granted only to those with complete testicles. (Duet 23:1) Now, I will admit that keeping one's testicles in tact is a pursuit worthy of some attention, but I have to ask: What went on in the "assembly of the Lord" that required a complete and full set of testicles? And, since testicles are usually not on display, was there someone at the gate assigned to check?

*Anyone working on the Sabbath is to be killed. (Ex 35:2) This law was to protect the sanctity of Sunday afternoon football. Unfortunately, any player that touched the ball would have to be killed after the game, because he had touched a dead pig. (Lev 11:7,8) That would certainly make it easier to play defense.

*Menstruating women and everything they touch are unclean. The only cure for this uncleanness was for the priest to kill a couple of pigeons. (Lev 15:19-30) What could be more logical?

*If a couple has sex during the woman's period, the two are to be cut off from their people. (Lev 20:18) Once again, how would anyone know that this had happened? The couple is obviously not going to tell. Maybe the genital inspector from the temple made house calls.

*Women were officially second class citizens. They were considered possessions that were owned, (Prov 12:4) and were officially subordinate (1 Cor 14:33,34).

*Homosexual men were to be executed. (Lev 20:13) No mention is made of homosexual women.

*If a woman grabs a man's privates during a fight, her hand is to be cut off. (Duet 25:11,12) Now, is it really necessary to have this law on the books? You get the impression that the person who was writing the laws had recently experienced this and was still a little pissed off.

*False prophets are to be killed by their own parents. (Zech 13:3)

*Stubborn children were to be stoned, and the stoning was to be instigated by their parents. (Duet 21:18-21)

*And whatever you do, don't ever, ever, ever, pee against the wall
(1 kings 16:11 KJV).

Now the more I know, the more I don't want to know where the line between right and wrong is with those people. But even if there is a god... and I had his/her teachings before me, I would think them through before blindly following the heard of sheep. But from what I've read, he is no god. And I feel the whole idea of someone creating a strange path for ALL to follow is neither peaceful nor righteous if the "proper" punishment" is eternal hellfire without a second chance (so much for turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor as thyself, and though shant not kill) out penance. Anyone who calls himself a god and kills people from left to right is DEFINITELY evil by my standards. Maybe they suceeded in stripping away my former faith but from what I've read, I don't want to be anywhere near what their idea of heaven is.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Naked Truth Gay News In Review January Pt 1

I've been slandered, called a child molester, told I shouldn't support same sex marriage and banned on youtube because of a couple of self hating gays who want to silence me. I expose them and their self hatred in this video. I also bring you news from Uganda where lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would sentence gays to death. I address the prop 8 trial, same sex marriage ban in New Jersey and the opposition to same sex marriage, which recently passed in Washington DC. My son Anthony has a new blogtalkradio show just for gay teens. It's all in this edition of Naked Truth Gay News In Review Just click the link to see this exciting edition.