Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gays Are Going To Hell

The God That Sends Gays To Hell:

Although I’ve been told many times, throughout my life, that God doesn’t love me because I am gay, I never allowed myself to believe it. Perhaps God just wouldn’t allow me to believe that I am somehow less worthy in the eyes of my creator than anyone else. I think the truth is that we are all God’s children. I have a right to that opinion. If God is the Alpha and the Omega, then God is also everything in between, and that includes mankind. I’m not a Christian, but I believe Jesus was God’s son. I believe this because I believe that every human is a child of God, and that doesn’t exclude me because I’m gay. In fact, I believe that my homosexuality is a divine part of the natural sequence of the Universe, and on a deeper level, a crucial element of the longevity of the very planet we all live on. In short, God made gays to prevent overpopulation.

Homosexuality is as natural as God himself:

We see homosexual tendencies in over 450 animal species in nature. We understand that our closest relative with 99.9% matching DNA is capable of homosexual life mating. Gay chimps make headlines all the time. Why does such a large percentage of human society continue to deny the natural, harmless, and special benefits that homosexuality provides for our very own species? It is estimated that 10% of the world’s population is gay. If this is true, then combine that number of people with those who choose not to have children, and then multiply it at the same rate of heterosexual procreation. It doesn’t take a lot of math to figure out that our planet would not be capable of sustaining such an increase in world population. The world is currently enduring crisis and we are already experiencing a growing world food shortage. Ultimately, it will not be gays that destroy society, it will be average citizens who are desperate for sustenance. Most people live in denial of this fact every day, but the reality will catch up to us all sooner or later.

When gays become parents:

The vast majority of LGBT people choose not to parent a child at all. LGBT people adopt approximately 4% of all children in the USA. When the number of gays exceeds the number of right wing Christians who adopt, the discrimination and bigotry of the Evangelical movement becomes clearer. There are an estimated 5 Million Christian Right Wingers in the USA. There are 129.000 children awaiting an adoptive home. If the Christian duty of every right winger is to protect children from harm, then shouldn’t they, themselves, be adopting these children, instead of inflicting more harm by preventing their adoption by loving LGBT parents? Aren’t these, so called, Christians actually causing more harm to these children than any gay parent ever could? Many of these 129,000 children will grow up in foster homes and modern day orphanages. They will be pumped full of psychotropic meds to control them. They will be subjected to systematic abuse by low paid, under qualified state employees. At age 18, they will be turned into the streets without ever having known the love of even one parent. If this is what Christ would do, then there’s no need to wonder why I don’t consider myself to be a Christian. Even though I respect Jesus as a historic figure who never intended any harm upon any man, woman or child. It’s the Evangelical movement that is turning people away from the true God, and they shall be the ones to face eternal justice for doing so.

Back to the beginning:

Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. It doesn’t fully document the in depth history of mankind in it’s incestuous stage, but it’s an undeniable factor if we are to believe the bible. For without incest, the story of Adam and Eve, indeed, the bible itself could never have existed. There would have been no men to write, or translate or interpret it. So here’s my understanding of all this.

1) We didn’t come from a monkey. (That would be gross)

2) We did come from incest. (Because that was okay when the world needed to be populated)

Fact: The world is overpopulating at an alarming rate which exceeds the resources required to sustain life as we know it.

Fact: Both the Old and New testaments clearly state that incest is a sin. You will find more verses against incest than homosexuality. The most popular verse used in the bible by Evangelicals is in Leviticus. Leviticus also brings us such timeless rules that include a promise of damnation to those who eat shellfish or pork, or shave their beard the wrong way.

So, here’s what I choose to believe. I believe that there was a force of nature that began all existence of everything in existence. From the first speck of matter to the big boom to wherever it all ends, and everything in between. I am God, and God is me. I don’t look for God in any book or church. I look for God within myself, and ask myself what I could have possibly been born here to do, and I do it. I’m not trying to push my beliefs off on anyone, and I don’t allow anyone to push theirs off on me. I cannot, as an intelligent adult, commit to any religion that just doesn’t fully add up to me. I’ve examined so many of them, and there are so many commonalities, and common contradictions. I think I discovered inner peace when I came to my own conclusion that we are solely responsible for our successes and failures in this life. Some say that praying to God is like asking a waiter to change your order after it’s already been cooked. Our fates are either sealed or they are not. I choose not to spend my life worrying about my fate. I prefer to take immediate action to ensure my legacy as a human being. For a man is only as good as his word, and his words are only as good as the message they send. My message to everyone is this:

Never let anybody tell you that you are going to hell. They have no right to judge you, under any religious premise. Anyone who says you are going to hell is saying it because they are filled with hate, and that’s where they want you to go. Clearly, if hell is a place for those who hate, then, by their own belief, it will be populated by people like themselves. And even after reading all this, if you believe you are going to hell because you are gay, then consider yourself in good company. I’d rather spend an eternity with a bunch of Godless gays than with a bunch of stuffy, Evangelical bible thumpers anyway, wouldn’t you?

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