Monday, January 25, 2010

Gays and Blacks and Jews....Oh My!

Do you know why prop 8 passed in California last year? It was because of Mormons in Utah. That’s right, Mormons, from another state determined whether or not same sex couples in California could be married, legally. How did they do it? It was easy… The leaders of the Mormon cult in Utah convinced their sheeple to donate money to fight same sex marriage in another state. The congregation was only too happy to oblige this brainwashing and hand over their money. Many Mormon families bragged about how they had sacrificed their family vacation savings to fight the sin of homosexuality. All that money was collected and used to produce advertisements. Not just any old ads, but ads which were specifically designed to target and sway the minds of the most ignorant, and religiously bigoted people in California. The religious bigots on the receiving end of these ads happened to be mostly African American Evangelicals. The irony here is that Mormon’s are a very white people. Mormon’s believe that Evangelists are going to hell. Mormon’s do nothing to promote equality for African Americans. Why then, would so many people of color want to listen to anything the Mormons have to say, much less answer a call to action from them? It’s because the Mormon’s hid behind the curtain of NOM (National Organization For Marriage). Like a fake wizard, speaking a language that Evangelical blacks could relate to, they successfully transferred their religious hatred with a degree of anonymity. You see, if a Mormon shows up at an evangelist’s door selling his religion, the evangelist is obligated to cast that Mormon away. The Evangelist and the Mormon, each believe the other is worshipping a false God. Inside their own church walls, the battle of belief unfolds behind a pulpit of hellfire and brimstone. The Evangelist preacher has no problem telling his flock that all Mormon’s are going to hell in their idolic, magical underwear. Meanwhile, the Mormons openly condemn every customer at Starbucks for consuming the ever sinful cuppa coffee. It’s all internal tit for tat, until they join forces to strip a social minority of their civil rights, in the name of God. The scary thing is, their brainwashing ads were effective enough to make a large number of African American voters in California disconnect themselves from the commonalities between the historic Black and Gay movements for equality. I am absolutely convinced that all movements for equality are the same movement. It is no coincidence that blacks and whites could not marry each other a few decades ago? Do you know that our very own president Barack Obama would have been born out of wedlock if his parents had lived in the wrong state at the time of his birth? Why shouldn’t blacks be able to marry whites? What’s wrong with people deciding to spend their own lives with that one special person who loves them? Isn’t it hard enough to find true love in this world? Why would we want to limit ourselves to one race of people when there is love inside the beating hearts of human beings of every skin tone? What do we, as a society, have to gain by voting against the personal happiness of any consenting, adult couple? When the law recognized interracial marriage, on a Federal level, the people had no choice but to accept it. Yet, even as we have the first interracial president, and pop culture is saturated with diversity, the underlying, ignorant, racist hatred still exists. The evangelical movement was founded on racism. The biggest Evangelical colleges didn’t even allow interracial couples to attend until the 1970’s. Just last year, a Justice of the Peace in Louisiana refused to marry an interracial couple. He said he did it to spare their future kids the pain of growing up different in a society that doesn’t accept them. Imagine that, children being brought into the world as bastards because a racist is afraid they will be victims of racism…. The ignorance is literally mind boggling. The thing is, every single aspect of this scenario is being played out every single day, all across America for GLBT couples and their children. So let’s review:

Interracial couples denied legal marriage status

Gays denied legal marriage status

Prominent Evangelists spoke out publicly against interracial marriage

Prominent Evangelists are speaking out against same sex marriage

Studies show that children of interracial couples do just as well as kids of same color parents.

Studies show that children of same sex couples do just as well as couples of the opposite sex.

Interracial couples win the right to Federally recognized marriage

Same sex couples are still waiting for that basic civil right.

The next step is easy to see. We will gain our marriage rights, sooner or later. We must learn from the equality movements that were in each stage that we find ourselves in. Whether or not all black Americans want to equate our movements, the facts are undeniable. We all want the same thing, and that’s equality. What I’ve learned, growing up listening to Martin Luther King Jr. and other cultural icons of inspiration, is that pride is the glue that holds us all together. Take pride in the knowledge that you exist for a reason, and you are not alone. For although we may not all be of one color, or follow the same religion, there is no less of a sense of family among us than there is any other group on Earth. When an LGBT person is in need, there is always someone out there willing to help. When one of us is shot down, the rest of us rise up. Blacks and gays are equally condemned, in this so called democracy.

Jews And Gays

Recently, I posted a status comment about something, and a debate started between two of my friends about the comparison between the gay movement and the holocaust. One friend said that the proposed death sentence for gays in Uganda is the equivalent of Hitler and the holocaust. Another reader responded by saying:

“Stop comparing the gay movement to the holocaust! Unless you’ve been in a concentration camp or a gas chamber, and you’re still alive, then you don’t know what you’re talking about”

I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. I went to Poland. I visited Auschwitz. I touched the walls of the gas chambers, and I put my head into the ovens. It tore my heart out. I felt the screams of every man, woman and child echoing through my soul. I’m not Jewish. I didn’t go there for the purpose of morning a relative. I went there because I had to see it for myself in order to comprehend the true magnitude of the terror that happened there. I felt like I had to face this hate and it’s reality in order to stand up to it and fight it in it’s current form. What so many people are ignorant of is the fact that Hitler hated gays as much as he did Jews. Pink triangles were sewn onto the striped uniforms that all death camp workers wore if they were gay. The concentration camp is filled with reminders that he who forgets history is destined to repeat it. For anyone to refuse the connection between Hitler killing gays and Ugandan lawmakers pushing a law that would sentence gays to death, is forgetting history. So take it from someone who’s been there. Ask yourself what hate is. Ask yourself if it’s in you, and eliminate it wherever you find it.

Simply asking me not to compare the gay movement to the African American rights movement or the holocaust is, in and of itself, a bigoted request to make.

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