Friday, January 15, 2010

The timeless and unchanging BIBLE

One of my myspace friends Lilith, sent me this amazing piece in an e mail and gave me permission to share it. I think it puts the bible into a perspective that must be seen by anyone who claims to follow it as a timeless and unchanging life guide. As I fully believe in freedom of speech, and myspace is currently disabling my links, I am bringing this thought provoking blog to you here on Please support my blogs by bookmarking and returning to this page often. If you are on my myspace page, watch for my blogs to direct you to this site where I will be compensated by my sponsors, rather than generating income for myspace. Everytime you read one of my blogs, you tell my sponsors that you like what I have to say. So please, save this site for future reference, and remember, there is always one website where nothing I post can be deleted, and that is my official website at Thank you, now enjoy the following submission from Lilith.

Here are some weird laws that no one really takes serious, but are considerd sins:

*The eating of fat is prohibited forever. (Lev 3:17)

*You cannot round the corners of your beard or the hair on your temples. (Lev 19:27)

*Witches should be killed. (Ex 22:18)

*The congregation was to be a bastard free zone. The Bible was so dead set against bastards that their children, even to the tenth generation, could not enter the assembly of the Lord. (Duet 23:2) This is in keeping with God's principle of punishing children for the wrongdoings of their parents.

*Handicapped people could not approach God. Their presence would profane his sanctuary. (Lev 21:16-23) This scripture single-handedly offends almost every category of handicapped persons you can name. The blind, lame, injured, hunchbacks and dwarfs are specifically named. If anyone is left out, the catchall phrase "anyone with a blemish" is thrown in to cover them. I guess in Israel, the handicapped parking stalls were at the far end of the parking lot.

*Entrance into the assembly of the Lord was granted only to those with complete testicles. (Duet 23:1) Now, I will admit that keeping one's testicles in tact is a pursuit worthy of some attention, but I have to ask: What went on in the "assembly of the Lord" that required a complete and full set of testicles? And, since testicles are usually not on display, was there someone at the gate assigned to check?

*Anyone working on the Sabbath is to be killed. (Ex 35:2) This law was to protect the sanctity of Sunday afternoon football. Unfortunately, any player that touched the ball would have to be killed after the game, because he had touched a dead pig. (Lev 11:7,8) That would certainly make it easier to play defense.

*Menstruating women and everything they touch are unclean. The only cure for this uncleanness was for the priest to kill a couple of pigeons. (Lev 15:19-30) What could be more logical?

*If a couple has sex during the woman's period, the two are to be cut off from their people. (Lev 20:18) Once again, how would anyone know that this had happened? The couple is obviously not going to tell. Maybe the genital inspector from the temple made house calls.

*Women were officially second class citizens. They were considered possessions that were owned, (Prov 12:4) and were officially subordinate (1 Cor 14:33,34).

*Homosexual men were to be executed. (Lev 20:13) No mention is made of homosexual women.

*If a woman grabs a man's privates during a fight, her hand is to be cut off. (Duet 25:11,12) Now, is it really necessary to have this law on the books? You get the impression that the person who was writing the laws had recently experienced this and was still a little pissed off.

*False prophets are to be killed by their own parents. (Zech 13:3)

*Stubborn children were to be stoned, and the stoning was to be instigated by their parents. (Duet 21:18-21)

*And whatever you do, don't ever, ever, ever, pee against the wall
(1 kings 16:11 KJV).

Now the more I know, the more I don't want to know where the line between right and wrong is with those people. But even if there is a god... and I had his/her teachings before me, I would think them through before blindly following the heard of sheep. But from what I've read, he is no god. And I feel the whole idea of someone creating a strange path for ALL to follow is neither peaceful nor righteous if the "proper" punishment" is eternal hellfire without a second chance (so much for turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor as thyself, and though shant not kill) out penance. Anyone who calls himself a god and kills people from left to right is DEFINITELY evil by my standards. Maybe they suceeded in stripping away my former faith but from what I've read, I don't want to be anywhere near what their idea of heaven is.


  1. Hey Chaz,
    This is Neil from Myspace and facebook commenting using my aim name :)

    I am wondering if most of these laws come from the Old Testament. Now it's been a long, long time since I used to go to church with my dearly departed Grandmother, God bless her soul, as a kid but I do remember back when I did they used to say something like this: Between the old testament and the new, God saw the error of his ways (I know, illogical lol) and became a loving, forgiving God through the life, death and resurrection of his begotten son, Jesus. This was a way that Christians have of saying that many of the laws in the Old Testament are now null and void. I don't agree with this logic either but it's how they explain it away lol :)

  2. Many Christians I know do not believe in the Old Testament at all. They do believe in the New Testament. Adam and Eve are introduced in Genesis in the New Testament, and so the theory is that we came from incest. I am at peace with God in my life, but I feel it's important for everyone to understand what is behind the condemnation of gays in God's name. I think you're awesome and I bet your Grandmother loved you so dearly.