Monday, October 11, 2010

Suicide in Norman Oklahoma - Letter to town council

R.I.P Zach Harrington

I am disgusted by the latest suicide, of a 19 year old, gay, youth named Zach Harrington, after he was berated at a town counsil meeting in Norman Oklahoma recently. I've just sent the following e mail to them, and I hope they all read it and take it to heart. I encourage anyone else who wants to write to them, and give them a piece of your mind do so, at the e mail address listed at the bottom of this blog. This has to stop! We have to stop it!

I'd like to congratulate your city council, and the bigoted citizens who drove 19 year old Zach Harrington to suicide. Your town is now on the map, as being one of the most intolerant, hypocritical, shameful towns in this so called democracy we call America.

For the record, Zach wasn't asking for "special rights". He wasn't trying to expose anyone to anything that might have occurred in "his bedroom". He was asking for equality, which, to define it for you, means, the same rights that every other tax paying citizen there has. Instead, what he got was a group of hateful hypocrites, posing as Christians, doing and saying exactly the opposite of what Christ himself would have said and done.
I am a gay man with a large online following. I have a same sex partner that I've been with for 18 years. How many of you can say that you've been married that long, to the same person? We have two adopted children. How many of you have adopted, rather than show the world what takes place, "in your bedroom" by popping out little, baby, look a likes, in an overpopulated world? How many of you have sacrificed anything, for anybody, in the name of unconditional love? Clearly not enough!

I saw the video on in which an over the hill, overweight hick stood there and condemned my "lifestyle", along with a misguided bi racial, overweight woman, who refused to acknowledge the fact that her own forefathers had to be enslaved, hanged and beaten in order for her to be able to stand there and brag about her degree. Their combined ignorance of equality is only surpassed by their ignorance of the very bible they spew, selective quotes from. You know the bible, the book that says that gluttony and judging others is sinful. They forget that the constitution also protects Jews, Muslims and atheists’ right to equality. They refuse to understand why those of us who actually are producing quality citizens, out of the children rejected by heterosexuals who also claimed to be Christian, are seeking the same legal protection as everyone else. They could show a little compassion, or at the very least, a bit of common sense.

If there is a Christian God, and he is capable of damning, then your city council will be on that list of the damned. The blood of this young, gay man is on the hands of those who cast him away from Christ, and every last one of those idiots will pay for it in hell! You are on a slippery slope, and you’re sliding right into the hell you‘ve condemned us to!

For the record, it's not a “lifestyle“, it's called a life, and it's not the right to have sex that any of us are asking for. We can do that anytime we want. We want the same legal protections for ourselves, which our tax dollars finance, for you to enjoy and take for granted. We will get them, even if we are forced to publicly humiliate every crappy, little town in this country to get there! You are the abomination!

Sincerely, Carl Shepherd

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