Sunday, October 3, 2010

LGBT leadership as much to blame for teen suicide as the bullies. Here's why.

The more we hear about gay, teen suicide, in the news, the more we are hearing from LGBT leadership about the issue. What concerns me the most is that the most prominent leaders of the equality movement only seem to jump on trending issues that will give them more publicity, after the damage is done. What ever happened to being at the forefront of the movement, and actually addressing issues before they become the focus of National news? A few months ago, before the recent rash of suicides making the news, Cindi Lauper and Lady GaGa were on daytime TV pimping out the We Give A Damn foundation, and I got behind it. I reported on the story and gave Cindi Lauper exactly what she wanted…. More free publicity. What I’ve learned since is shocking. I encouraged everyone I know to go to and donate their time or money to the cause. What I’ve discovered since then is that my friends who donated haven’t even received confirmation of their donations. In fact, the website is so impossible to navigate that it’s more like a T shirt shop than a charity organization. My niece had to buy a T shirt just to give money to the cause. Not only does she not have a T shirt yet, but she didn’t even get a thank you e mail, or any response, whatsoever, acknowledging that her money has even been received. That’s not giving a damn! That’s a sick joke, and it makes both Lauper and GaGa look like a couple of typical fame whores, willing to ride on the back of a good cause to gain fans. All you little monsters can get pissed off at me all you want, but you’re a special kinda stupid of you think this is okay, cause it’s not! The only way I see GaGa feeding homeless kids, anytime soon, is if she defrosts that freakish meat dress of hers and grills it up for them! I’ve repeatedly e mailed both of Cindi Lauper’s foundations and have not received a single response. That’s not giving a damn! That’s damning those who give! And for a project that received so much media attention, why in the hell does this foundation have less members than I have on my myspace friends list? I haven’t been on National TV since 2008!

Truth Wins out is a website that claims to counter the ex gay myth and right wing hate. The false mentality that gays can be cured causes so many gays to kill themselves, when they realize that it is a myth. Had the founder of Truth Wins Out not been bashing a gay man on a Christian site, and making fun of his mental health issues, they might have actually done their job and countered the hate. Instead, Wayne Besen, the founder, was actually contributing to it. You can’t claim to counter right wing hate, when you’re joining members of the right wing to hate on a fellow gay man. They’re not the solution, they are the fucking cause!

And if I get one more posted video of Ellen Degeneres and her pre-recorded message on bullying, I’m gonna puke in my own pie hole! She abandoned the gay movement the day she got her talk show and sold us all out to do celeb interviews. When Ellen cares enough to actually address this issue on her talk show, rather than trying to go viral with a video she’s directing to her LGBT fan base, I’ll give her credit for caring. Until then, she’s preaching to the choir, and that’s not going to end this National epidemic, now is it?

Perez Hilton appeared on CNN in a freeze frame skype interview to claim that he’s re-evaluating the way he operates his celebrity hate site. Yeah right Perez! When you grow the balls to start using your own Hispanic name, I’ll stop thinking that you’re just another self hating homo who cares about more than getting your pugged nose featured on any network that will have you!

Back to Truth Wins Out, and their hateful blogs and postings, in which founder Wayne Besen verbally bashes a fellow gay man. If this gay man commits suicide because of something Besen said online, it would make him no better than the students who exposed the Rutgers student on a webcast, and pushed him to jump off a bridge. This isn’t activism. This is gay on gay hate, and we don’t have to support it, yet, you’d be amazed at the organizations that are accepting it. GLAAD, the Stonewall Society, and several members of the gay media have been informed of this situation. Do you think they have bothered to address the issue? If you answered yes, you’d be wrong. They all, apparently condone this behavior, or are afraid to get involved because of the negative publicity it could bring to our movement. This spineless approach by gay leaders and organizations makes me GLAAD I haven’t donated a penny to any of them, and I never will. If you want to help a gay teen, throw money or food or shelter at them yourself, but don’t hand it over to any of these assholes who do nothing for anybody but themselves. Until we get rid of the fake activists who are raking in our gay dollars while giving nothing back to those of who need them the most, we’re only making the problem worse. It’s time to kick them all to the curb and start all over. A leader’s power is only as strong as his number of followers. If you’re a follower of any of the afore mentioned leaders, you’re a part of the problem, not the solution.

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