Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm not endorsing anybody, but I know who I don't want Indiana Dist. 47 to vote for!


  1. I am a victim in this county and her husband (DA) or the sheriff's department have never treated me like the victim buy quiet the opposite. I was done very wrong by these people for they are swayed easily by family and friends interest and that of the richer. Because of this she will not receive my area's vote.

    1. It continues to puzzle me that your local politicians are not doing everything in their power to ensure that the evidence arrives in my mail box in a timely manner. Running around your own office looking for something I didn't ask for is not what I asked the prosecutor, Erin's husband, to do. I want this case reopened. He knows what he can do and he knows what he's not doing. She knows about all of this because she's been deleting comments containing the videos I've made from her page for days before is inadequate response. If her opposite sex marriage is so much holier than mine, then why doesn't her husband know the meaning of the word withholding? And what? She didn't tell him when his face showed up on the video cover all over political pages she's either created or associated with? I feel bad for anyone living in that county. I have to wonder if there's any justice at all. I've been weeding through gobs of e mails and messages from people there who are dying to tell their stories, but afraid to tell their names. They know all about who is related to whom, and the power grabs that go on all the time there. It's pretty obvious there's some deep corruption taking place there. I really don't want to spend the rest of the year exposing it, but this cycle continues and I don't want to have to ask the new judge next. I have a feeling he's already seen my video too,