Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#justiceforwilliam UPDATE!

Okay, if you've followed the case this far, you know that I've presented a strong, factual case for why my brother didn't record the suicide tape found in his inner, left pocket the night he died. You know that a clear conspiracy to keep the evidence from me is real. I still don't have the evidence I have been requesting for fourteen years. But I do have something,

There's a new prosecutor in Washington County since the last good ole boy got booted out. His name is Dustin Houchin, and he has the power to crack this case wide open and get to the bottom of it, for once and for all. The question now is, Why doesn't he do just that?

And so, here's Part two in my Naked Truth video series special investigation into William's death for you to view and share. Remember, this could happen to anyone. This video is as shocking as the first one, so be sure to watch all the way through the credits for details you won't hear anywhere else,

I encourage the media to ask these public officials the same question I've been asking for 14 years. Where is the evidence?

And, If you missed the first episode in the series, click play below

I have taken the liberty of forwarding both of these videos to the Indianapolis FBI field office.

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