Saturday, October 18, 2014

, #justiceforwilliam Update: October 18, 2014

In my last update I told you about how the death scene photos have been found, according to coroner Rondale Brishaber. Not only did Brishaber inform me, more than once, over the course of several days, that the photos have been located, but he also informed David Elijah, a reporter with the South Florida Gay News. And so I have it in writing, an admission from the Washington County coroner's office stating fault with regards to the records related to my brothers death. It's an admission, not an explanation. I'm still waiting for the photos, recordings, and ALL other evidence I've requested that could prove how William really died. But I may not have to wait much longer.

I've filed a formal complaint against the Washington County Coroner with the Indiana PAC (Public Access Counselor). I've sent the counselor scanned copies of the fax I sent to the coroner on September 17, requesting this documentation. I'm officially accusing the Washington County Coroner's office of violating the Access to Public Records Act. I've received confirmation that my formal complaint has been accepted and Brishaber has been notified by the counselor. The PAC will give an official opinion on the matter, in documentation, in about a month. This documentation will be indisputable evidence of the injustice that continues to take my breath away when I think about it for too long. I'm so grateful for the Public Access Counselor and any efforts the office puts into getting me what I need to find some sense of closure.

I called the Salem police department Thursday morning (10-16-14). A woman answered and asked what my call was in regards to, so I told her I needed to talk to whoever can send me my brothers death scene photos. She put me on hold and then told me that I needed to talk to the Salem City Attorney Drew Wright.

Why would the local police department, who the coroner says, in writing, have my brothers death scene photos, refer me to the City Attorney? What's he got to do with the price of milk in China? As far as I know, this man has no connection to William's case whatsoever. I can only speculate as to why I was referred to him. I left a message with his office right after the police referred me to him, and he has yet to respond to me. He has no e mail address that I can find online either. For a public official, he sure isn't very accessible in my opinion. However, he was brought into this scenario by the police, so I'd love a public statement from him regarding why he thinks that may be the case. Could this man be the one telling everyone not to talk to me or send me the files? He's been in office for a very long time. Makes me wonder if he's friends with Gary Hobbs too?

And what's the deal with police Chief Troy Merry?

What kind of police chief dodges a phone call from someone who is publicly reporting a possible murder in his town? Why won't Troy Merry take my call? What is he hiding? What is he scared of? Who the hell does he think he is? He looks like Peter, from Family Guy, and he loves the Golden Girls. That's about the most I can glean from his facebook page. If I am man enough to call him, he should have the balls to take my call and explain to me why I don't have those photos and his complete assurance that the recording is being located. If Merry arrested me, and he questioned me about the whereabouts of (hypothetical) evidence, I am sure he would want me to speak directly to him, and not through an attorney. Salem residents should remember this the next time he gets a "confession" from a local suspect without an attorney. It's pretty obvious at this point that this police department, headed by him, is conspiring to violate the open records act as well. I'll go even further and allege obstruction of justice on their part. If I don't know how my brother died, I have no justice. I have never had any evidence, only the word of people I do not trust.

And let's not forget Washington County Persecutor Dustin Houchin either. The magnitude of incompetence, and/or corruption required for him to completely ignore the indisputable evidence I presented to his office regarding the possible murder of my brother  is despicable. This man doesn't know the meaning of family values if he would let this case rest if it were his loved one. It is purely heartless of him not to demand an investigation and keep me abreast of the findings the officials he works with come up with. He pretends he doesn't have the authority to seek justice in my brothers death, while dodging the questions like so many of his Republican counterparts. The omission of truth makes him a cowardly liar. His right wing wife is a cross between Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. Their extreme, right wing views are bigoted. It's getting clearer and clearer that if my brother William had been just about any other heterosexual citizen of Salem, and if I had not been openly gay and seeking the answers, justice would have been done in 2000, when he died. I've lived with discrimination against my sexual orientation my whole life. I'm not blind to the obvious signs of a man with the power to bring justice denying it because he doesn't approve of my lifestyle or my marriage to another man.

Doing what's right for Washington County
My Big Gay Ass!

All of you men need to grow some balls and get me the truth NOW. I will turn that town upside down (figuratively) to get to it and if you're not helping, you're just cock blocking justice! Now google yourselves in a week or two and read this truth on the front page, like your great grandchildren will. You can run, and you can hide, but the truth will always find you!


  1. Carl, I admire your tenacity. Your love for your brother will help you to do what needs to be done to get justice for him....I'm following your efforts and cheering you on all the way. Missy Browning

  2. Carl, I admire your tenacity. Your love for your brother will help you to do what needs to be done to get justice for him....I'm following your efforts and cheering you on all the way. Missy Browning

  3. Keep fighting. Keep pushing. Do not stop this effort. You are on fire. Let's make sure we get this done! We have to know what happened to him!

  4. Thanks for your supportive words. I am going to keep fighting for the truth until I die if that's what it takes, and my blogs and videos will live on long after, hopefully. I want justice, not just for William, but for me. I want the people who withheld the truth for me for all these years to be held accountable. I want anyone who holds it from me moving forward held accountable as well. There is absolutely no excuse for those photos not being sent to me while they dig around for the rest of the evidence they've admitted to losing.

  5. The whole thing reeks. I don't blame you for being so proactive.