Friday, August 26, 2011

Judge John David Myles of Simpsonville, KY, you're corruption is coming to an end

Corrupt Judge John David Myles

I am furious about this incompetent, idiotic, corrupt judge named John David Myles. How a pasty old homo wannabe like him ever got elected in Shelby County Kentucky to reign in family court is beyond my comprehension. He doesn't even have any kids of his own. What the hell qualifies him to make a decision about anybody else' kids? He has dragged out a custody battle in my family for years, ripping my niece and her kids apart, and that is going to stop. This blog is not solely intended for the purpose of humiliating him, if that happens, it's just a cool side affect. The reality is that he is biased, and unethical, and as soon as I finish this blog, he's being reported to the Judicial Conduct Commission in Kentucky to face charges for his ridiculous, hateful behaviour. Once the charges are filed, I'll be forwarding this blog and all other evidence against him, to his local newspapers and TV stations, as well as to any National media outlet that takes an interest. When a judge goes rogue, there are really only two avenues one can take to correct the matter, 1) report him to his higher authority, and 2) expose him in the press. I fully intend to pursue both options to the fullest extent of the law. This man deserves twice the stress that he causes, and if he has a conscience or sense of justice at all, he will be stressed to high hell by the time I'm done. For the record, I am not, nor will I ever, or ever have I made any illegal threats against this man, but I'll be damned if I don't take every available opportunity to put him in his place and shed a light on his corrupt ways.

First off, allow me to offer my personal observations of this apparent closet case. There is an entire youtube channel dedicated to his corruption, and it couldn't be clearer that he shouldn't be working at Burger King, much less be sitting behind his bench. He's rude and bitchy and more effeminate than most transsexual women I know. Secondly, it's clear that he hates his job, as he persistently whines and bitches about having to do it, as seen on publicly documented video of him calling a man who represented himself a fool. Only a fool would say that after taking an oath to uphold court ethics. He allowed one drug addicted mother to retain custody of her kids, after clear, video evidence was presented to him that she was neglecting them. That video shows her kids, in her basement, catching a ramp on fire and skateboarding on it. Myle's response was to refuse to look at that video, and to say, "How she chooses to heat her home in the Winter is not my concern." Either he's incredibly stupid, and that's rare for a judge, or he's taken the wrong side of the custody case and couldn't really care less about the children in question. Personally, I think it's a whole lot of both! He refuses to allow children who want to return to their parent/s any say in court, violating their right to do so. He may do a song and dance around that, but not without being called out publicly, and repeatedly. It is my mission to have him removed from the bench, and if the commission refuses to do so, I'll contribute to the campaign of whoever runs against him in the next election, and he will not retain his position. Shelby County tax payers deserve justice for their contributions to his salary, and all they are getting is a rogue idiot with a chip on his shoulder.He hasn't earned the respect of his constituents, much less the salary he receives from their hard earned paychecks.

His partner in crime, the county attorney, a Mr. Hart Megibben, is equally corrupt. My sister-stalker Starliene Waits is always causing trouble, filing false police reports on family members when she's angry at them, stealing the identity of her grandchildren to get cell phones without paying the bill, doctor shopping for percocet, and selling them to anyone with 10 dollars and a promise not to tell, etc.. This prosecutor refuses to prosecute Starliene, and I know why. He once represented her in a custody case, and that's a clear conflict of interest. He should step aside and allow someone competent to do his job as well. The Shelbyville police chief, Mr. Robert Schutte, refuses to enforce any law against Starliene. In fact, he's just a tool, of revenge that is, to Starliene. She calls her friend at dispatch, she calls the police chief, and he sends cops to anybody's house, for any reason Starliene gives him, to harrass whoever she calls him on. He's just a glorified pitt bull from hell, and he needs to be fired! I don't know what it is that my sister is holding over their heads, dealing to them, or doing with these men, but clearly, in their eyes, she can do no wrong, even when real evidence of her criminal activity is put right in front of their butt ugly faces! What I do know is that by the time I'm finished exposing their hypocrisy and ethical violations of the law they're sworn to uphold, they won't be able to show their faces in public without being seen as the completely corrupt assholes they really are! Strong language? Sure, but at least it's honest, and that's more than I can say for any of these bozos!

Hart Megibben

Robert Schutte

Judge Myles, girlfriend, you picked the wrong side of a custody battle, and it's far reaching affects have reached me. I have the dates and times of your misconduct, such as when you agreed to be judge and counsel, in favor of my sister Starliene in her ongoing custody battle with her daughter. You will be held accountable, and your little butt buddies too. All 3 of you manbitches can google yourselves, for the rest of your lives and find this blog on the first page/ That's what happens when you become a public figure and are exposed for corruption, so deal with it! You'll all be lucky if you don't have my producer friend from 20/20 crawling up your asses with a National investigative piece that will tell the world of your disgusting behavior. None of you clowns is above the law, and you will be held accountable for the shit you've done. I'll be forwarding the link to this blog to the mayor of Shelbyville, and to every resident with a publicly accessible e mail account within a 20 mile radius of your workplace, and since it contains pure facts, and my protected free speech opinion, you can't do anything about it but read it and weep, unless of course, you'd like to actually do your job and put Starliene Waits behind bars where she belongs, for once and for all!

Watch actual court video of Judge John David Myles, refusing to review evidence, demonstrating clear bias, insulting those who stand before him, denying a child the right to speak in court, and just being the asshole he really is at the following youtube channel, designed specifically, by someone whose family was ripped apart by this corrupt judge at the link below:

Click here to see real video of Judge Myles violating his oath, repeatedly

Here's a topix link with 28 ineresting comments on Judge Myles


  1. my kids was taken away from me by this so called judge. He took my girls away and give custody to my mom and x husband because my mom say she had the middle kid her whole life and had no proof. Miles gave her the middle because he thinks i was lying, but I had proof from cops, cps workers(my mom called in fake abuse claims), and witnesses.
    Then on my oldest kid the judge gave custody to my x husband because she missed 8 days of school and she had doctor notes each time. Also they said i was over doing my meds but i'm not on any and I even took a drug test for proof.
    Then to hit me even, my x husbands friends wrote statements to their lawyer saying that I called his wife a name. And for that the judge gave me supervised visitation. I need help please.

  2. Hello. I would like to discuss my issue with you as well. It seems we are on the same page. If you could email:

  3. judge myles is a butt he has kept my granddaughter in court for two years now he caused my other granddaughter to move out of state to get away from him my daughter has recently moved and he keeps them coming back to court to show his power because he says they are trying to get away from him well who wouldn't he is a creep and needs to lose his seat maybe this year he will every body vote for hellard

  4. He is creepy. He is corrupt. I hope he looses