Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Voice of a Gay Child. An original poem by Chaz

I’m the voice of a child, hear my cry

I’m the voice of a child, don’t let me die

My voice has been silenced for so long

I never learned the words to society’s song

I’m not one of you, I’m just one of me

I’m lost and alone, and I want to break free

I’m calling out, I’m screaming your name

I’m begging for help to end this pain

Please show me the way, cause I’m down on my knees

Please show me a God, cause I wanna believe

There got to be a better way

My parents are beating me because I’m gay

It hurts just to say it, the words come out queer

No wonder I’m awkward and strange and so weird

Nobody loves me, nobody can

I’ll never grow up to be a “normal” man

Oh no, here she comes again, what’s that in her hand?

I’m crying, I’m bruising, in her bloody reprimand

Oh Mom, please stop beating me

Please stop defeating me

Only she cannot hear me

She can only fear me

Her fear controls

All my future goals

And I cannot see

Any future for me

I am dying inside

I am losing my pride

I am fading away

I was young and gay

Only an echo of my cry lingers on

I’m the voice of a child and now

I’m gone

The following video was created with youtube clips

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