Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 Things Every Gay & Lesbian Person Should Know...

There are more heterosexuals practicing anal sex than there are gay men.

A National survey in 2002 showed 34% of all men reporting having had anal sex with their opposite sex partner. If heterosexuals make up 90% of the population, as is often suggested, then clearly 34% of them makes up a higher number than the percentage of gay men who have anal sex. Therefore fudge packing is no longer just a gay thing. In fact, back in the 90’s, they were calling it “the new black”, cause I guess once you try it, you’ll never go back, lol.

Every person who opposes adoption by gays and lesbians should adopt a child.

Pastor Ted Haggard was the president of a 30 million member, world wide, Evangelical, Christian faith. If even half of those members, most of whom oppose gay adoption, would adopt even one child, there would be no children left in the world to adopt. It’s easy to criticize gays and lesbians who make life sacrifices to raise an estimated 4% of all children adopted in the USA. People who oppose gay adoption, yet refuse to adopt a child themselves, are not worthy of making any statement, as they are truly adding to the epidemic of homeless children in the world, not solving the problem. A recent study showed that children of lesbians and gays fare just as well as those of heterosexual parents. As the co parent of two adopted children with my same sex partner, I’d go a step further and say that our kids do even better than most. This is because our kids aren’t exposed to socially crippling notions of racism or bigotry that permeate the Evangelical right wing movement against us. So, the next time someone tells you that gays should not be allowed to adopt, ask them how many adopted children they have. That should shut them up fast.


Being gay is not a sin, it’s a part of nature.

A lot of self righteous hypocrites like to say that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! Well, I’ve got news for them, God created Adam and Eve, yes, and Adam and Steve, like all the rest of us, came from the incest between Adam, Eve and their offspring. There are no two ways about it people. If you believe the Christian bible, you must admit that we all sprang from the seed of incest. Whether or not you find this to be God’s holy plan to populate the planet, the fact remains indisputable. Therefore, it stands to reason that the sin of incest, which is admonished more often in the bible than homosexuality, was clearly allowed back in the day when the world was under populated by humans. Fast forward 2000 years, and all you have to do is look around at the chaos on our planet to understand that we no longer need to populate it. In fact, millions are starving every day because of a world food shortage. Natural resources are being used up faster than their replacements can be invented, and soon, entire countries will suffer water shortages. Is this God’s ultimate plan? And if homosexuality is not a part of God’s ultimate plan, then is it God’s will that all homosexuals pro create and contribute to the world’s overpopulation crisis? That makes no sense at all does it? Clearly, homosexuals were placed on Earth to decline the population by some degree. We’re among every race, religion and group of people, all over the world. The vast majority of gays and lesbians do not pro create, therefore, we are helping the planet, not harming it. Those of us who adopt children, are doing the world a service, while fulfilling a life of suburban mediocrity all across America. Even if being gay is a sin, which my common sense tells me is not so, what would make it rank among the worst of sins, giving it the power to incite so much violence in the name of a, so called, loving God? My perspective on sin is that the more people a sin harms, the worse the sin is. Gays and lesbians are harming nobody, and often do more for society than our heterosexual counterparts do. Anyone who wants to judge our sin, and weigh it along with those that harm children, families, or anyone else, is just targeting us based on their own inner hatred. That hatred, in and of itself, is a far greater sin that being gay ever could be. When you judge another person, without looking into the mirror of your own soul, you are deflecting your own sin on them, and that’s all you will get back in this life. I don’t think God gives a damn who we have sex with, in this overpopulated world, as long as we are not contributing to the suffering of others. Nearly 1/3 of 1500 animal species studied, in their natural environments, are scientifically proven to show homosexual traits, including same sex bonding and child rearing. There is not a person on this planet who can convince me that being gay is a sin, when I can clearly see the benefits of homosexuality and it’s place in our world.

Bisexuals are not confused

As a bisexual man, living in a gay relationship with the same man for nearly 18 years, I am always offended by those who label bisexuals as “confused”. Like everyone else in the sexual spectrum of life, bisexuals know where we fit into that spectrum. I am 75% gay and 25% straight, if that helps you understand where my orientation lies. Being more attracted to men, I find it easier to maintain a relationship with a man than I do a woman. There’s nothing confusing about it. Bisexuals are as capable of monogamy as anyone else. Temptation is temptation, and if a person is weak, it doesn’t matter who is tempting them, male or female. To believe that a bisexual person is more likely to cheat than a gay or straight person is an unfair assumption. The ability to commit to any relationship requires a personal bond of love between partners, of any sex. Bisexuals are just as capable of picking one person and loving them for life as anyone else is. I find that the majority of flack I get about being openly bisexual comes from people who just want to hook up with me, and use it as an insult when they feel rejected by my commitment to remain monogamous with my man!

Marriage is not a religious institution

As long as the word marriage is printed on marriage licenses, then it’s a government institution. As long as marriage is recognized on a Federal level and offers benefits to those who take part in it, then it’s a government institution. Churches that argue against same sex marriage cannot be forced, under any law, to perform same sex wedding ceremonies. That would violate their freedom of religious expression. However, churches that currently want to perform same sex weddings are being denied that same religious freedom of expression by our government who says these ceremonies lack the legal rights entitled to all heterosexual adults in the USA. If marriage is a religious institution, then why do all divorces take place in a government court room? Clearly marriage is a legal institution that all citizens should be entitled to equally. Gays aren’t the ones trying to change the definition of marriage. Those who are trying to define it as being between a man and a woman are, and they’re leaving the word equality out of that definition.

I hope you enjoyed these little known facts, and that you will put them to use in your own debates with those who just don’t get it.

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