Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A gay man spends 3 nights with Ted Haggard, and what happened?

Dear readers, I must admit that I when I went digging around in the Ted Haggard news story, I didn’t think that I would get so pulled into this ongoing saga. Mr. Haggard and his wife have actually become people who I consider to be my friends. They have been nothing short of gracious and kind and non judgmental of me, and I have returned that same respect. However, that being said, this letter is too juicy for me not to share with my friends and fans. I got this letter from a fan, and I struggled with whether or not to share it, publicly. It is dirty and nasty and sexy and all kinds of “broke back mountain” action is taking place, in the mind of the writer. It reveals a story that I don’t believe the mainstream media has even bothered to cover. While there have been those who have profited greatly from the fall of Ted Haggard, it should not go unnoticed that there was at least one gay man who had a big crush on Ted Haggard. This man spent the night with Haggard three times. Read what happened in his own words, which were submitted to me via my contact form at chazonator.com

Chaz, I saw your Gay News video about Ted Haggard and I wanted to give you my opinion. First off, let me congratulate you on getting to the truth in your coverage. I never believed that Mike Jones had a three year long affair with Pastor Ted. I live in California now but a few years ago I worked for New Life Church and I got to be a traveling companion to Pastor Ted on three different occasions. He was warm, friendly and respectful. He never did anything that would ever lead me to believe that he was interested in guys at all. I think I know why he has been so controversial.

I felt an attraction to Pastor Ted the first moment I laid eyes on him. I wanted him, and I couldn’t help myself. I knew he was married and I knew it was wrong, but I wanted this man and I was determined to get him. I thought of ways to let him know how I felt. I planned how I would test him and see if he wanted me to. I fantasized about having an affair with Pastor Ted Haggard. For as much as my hard cock wanted it my conscience wouldn’t allow me to make a move on him. I gave him every opportunity to make an advancement on me. I remember waking up and finding him reading the bible on his treo, which is an older kind of I-phone. He would pace back and forth, in his boxers, and pray. One morning, I woke up with wood, and I saw him pacing back and forth. He was wearing different underware this time. They were tight and white. I could see the full impression of his cock and I swear, I almost came on myself just looking at him. As he walked back and forth his huge cock moved with his left leg and his balls jiggled inside his package. I couldn’t stop starring at him, and when he almost caught me I pretended that I was praying too. I was praying. Praying he would fuck me!

I don’t agree with anybody who says that Ted Haggard had a three year affair with anybody. This is so not the person I met. I was shocked to hear that Pastor Ted had sex with Mike Jones. I wished it had been me instead. I would never have made up those stories about him for anything. I would have done anything he wanted me to do and loved it. It’s easy to see how Mike Jones could turn a one time massage that ended in masturbation into a three year affair with Pastor Ted. I’ve often fantasized about a broke back mountain moment with him myself. I never witnessed Pastor Ted acting unusual towards anybody during the whole time I worked with him. He was a perfect gentleman, which is why his wife has stayed with him. He is a dream man. He is gorgeous, he is hung like a horse, and just the thought of a one night stand is enough to make any man fantasize of an LTR with Pastor Ted.


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