Friday, September 17, 2010

Gay Basher Wayne Besen, I am calling you out bitch!

Wayne Besen, Founder of TWO
(Truth Wins Out)

Wayne Besen, I am calling you out! It’s time for you to grow some balls and address the allegations I’ve lodged against you in my recent blog “Gay on gay hate takes TWO (Truth Wins Out)”. Clearly, you’ve read it. Obviously, you cannot defend what you’ve done.

For my readers who haven’t yet read the blog, here’s a summary. TWO is a gay rights organization that claims to monitor right wing hate sites. However, the founder of TWO, Wayne Besen, was recently caught contributing to one of those hate sites by joining in on the bashing of a gay man. That’s right, a gay rights activist is bashing a gay man! It doesn’t get any more twisted than that. One of TWO’s contributors, offering a $30,000 grant to the bogus foundation is a Mr. Van Ameringen, who also, ironically, operates a non profit foundation for the mentally ill. I’ve forwarded my blog to Van Ameringen, with links to the some comments Besen made, in which he bashes the mentally ill as well. With friends like Besen, the LGBT community doesn’t need enemies!

Besen, a Jewish gay men, has stated that he doesn’t find anything racist or homophobic in the statement made by the right wing hate site about a fellow gay Jew named David. That statement was, “You’re an emasculated Jew bitch”. Wayne Besen commented, saying the statement was ok. If that's not a sign of a self loathing sucker, I don't k now what is!

If you donate money to LGBT organizations, I urge you not to drop a cent on this bogus operation called TWO. They’ve done nothing to further our equality, and are currently causing more harm than good. To make sure that every one of the tens of thousands of LGBT people I know are aware of this issue, I plan to produce a brand new Gay News video, complete with pics, vid clips and blog excerpts that will send Besen crawling behind a rock by the time all the truth comes out. Besen had his chance to address this, but he’s ignored me, and continued to contribute to the gay bashing website with his idiotic statements against a gay man. On the day of his big fundraiser, Sept 16, Besen was on this hate site bashing this gay guy. Let’s kick this bitch to the curb, and support those organizations that really do have our own best interest at heart. Self loathing gays like Besen should have no public voice, on our behalf. They bring shame to the very people they claim to represent.

Didn't read the blog with all the dirt on Besen yet? Click the following link to get the real truth about TWO.

Click here to read "Gay on gay hate takes TWO"


  1. Come on Wayne, you've already taken the time to call me a circus freak on the same hate blog you've supported with your comments. Calling me names will not clear your name. By the time this story gains traction, you won't receive a penny from anyone in the know. You can bash gays all you want, but it's time for you to stop calling yourself an activist. You're a pathetic joke!

  2. How about that: Wayne Besen gets called out and he runs to an anti-gay blog for cover.

    Of course the irony is that even today, I'm still considered the bad guy for speaking truth about Besen and other activists of his ilk, about Facebook, about christians... everything.

    Everyone gets fundraisers and the benefit of the doubt, while I have to continually have to jump thru hoops.

    Of course Besen is a pathetic joke! But what's even more pathetic is everyone knows this and won't saying anything because they don't want no one to cut off their supply to porn and meds.

    And no one has to cohones to say I'm right.

    No one.

  3. The most important question, which I keep asking Besen, and he keeps running from, is, "What the hell is a gay rights organization going after gay guys for?" Having been informed of your history with him, the same applies in your case. What, there's no right wing tea party bigots? There's no NOM? There's no Rush Limpballs for him to take on with all the gay dollars he's getting? The man is no gay activist at all. I'm calling him out on this on behalf of every gay man that he has tormented online, while he takes his eye off the real enemy of our equality.

  4. Now, Besen will, rather than address the real question, try to connect me to you, whom I've never met, and the crime that you've paid for. I've got news for him though, if he slanders me, I will drag his name through the mud he crawled out of!

  5. Gentlemen, Besen responded when he went to the Protect Families hate blog to call me & Chaz names. That'll be all we hear from him.
    Since then, the I'm Not Crazy screen name (Beecher's housemate Kathryn) has posted jokes about NG & I jerking off together, and about Chaz' past.
    And this is what Wayne Besen, a non-profit "gay advocate" is participating in--in full view of other gay activists.

    Besen is part of a fairly large network of gay activists who consider it a "gay right" to behave & treat people like this. They lie about it & lie for each other.
    They laugh at and ignore gay people who need them.
    They claim that being gay justifies this conduct.

    Recourse, guys, will come from orgs who operate outside of the gay community.
    Because of the anti-semetic slurs that were sent to me--slurs which Besen laughed about--the Anti-Defamation League has agreed to look into all this.
    On Oct 7th, I have an appointment with Rabbi Syydney Mintz of Temple Emmanuel here in SF--Sen Dianne Feinstein is a congregant there.
    I'll be asking the Rabbi's help in putting a stop to all this, and in holding Besen accountable, and in getting a mediator to tell Beecher the truth.

    Today I spoke to someone at NAMI, the National Association of the Mentally Ill, who were horrified by the mental illness jokes that Besen had posted at his website. They are also interested in looking into this--I intend to further ask their help in putting a stop to Beecher's housemates control of him.
    The point being: these non gay orgs are not only polite, but downright friendly and helpful, and they return calls. Gay orgs, by a 90% margin, are abusive, uncaring, taunting, and never return calls, ever. In Besen's case, he actively participates in the very things I sought regress for.
    Other gay orgs & gay activists have told him that it's OK to behave as he does.

    So, guys, when we need help, the answer is to go to "inclusive" orgs that operate outside the paramaters of the gay community.

    But the need to put frauds like Besen out of business is urgent.
    So I will be posting an online petition , to be presented to the IRS, the Southern Povery Law Center & the mainstream news media, to ask that Truth Wins Out be classified as a hate group, and to have it's non-profit status revoked.
    I came up with this idea Thur eve, and have already found around 30 people willing to sign it.
    I suggest we all get to work and get those signatures up into the hundreds.
    Considering how angry LGBT people are at the lack of support & leadership we get from our con artists orgs, I don't think this will be all that hard a thing to do.

  6. They can talk about my past, all they want. The only source to become informed about my past is in my own blogs, so let them keep clicking my links and putting money into my bank account. My shit is monitized, so it's pay per click! I am a former porn star and stripper. I was a homeless, gay youth. It's because of foundations like Besen's that claim to help gays that I received no help at all, when I needed it the most, so they are only proving my point. If I was ashamed of my past, I wouldn't blog about it. I left that life behind when I met my partner at age 22, and we have two amazing, adopted sons who receive unconditional love. Something these hateful fake assed Christians just wouldn't understand. They're too busy fucking a mentally ill man out of his monthly disability check. Besen wouldn't get it because the only person he cares about is himself. I wouldn't doubt that half the donations they receive are going into his personal account.

  7. I see nothing wrong with what you did, Chaz:
    You have a good heart.
    I bet your a great Dad!
    I hope to meet you and your whole family one day!

  8. I'm well acquainted with David and his dealings with Mr. Besen....
    I've lived in San Francisco a long time (since the days AIDS first reared its ugly head...) and I thought i was beyond being shocked. Mr. Besen's response to David Nahmod 9as well as your Chaz) has been appalling and inexcusable. Why Besen would choose to bash the two of you is inexplicable; whatever differences he may have with either one of you personally, there's no need for personal attacks. Not only is his conduct unethical, it is highly irresponsible.
    The gay community has enough to contend with....we don't need someone else to bash us, especially someone who should know better.
    Nothing constructive is gained from belittling a person because of their history of mental illness. Or bashing their jewishness (and Besen himself is a jew...go figure). Whether a person is currently engaged in sex work or has been in the past is also none of his damn business (unless, of course, he is either jealous or in need of their the first instance, he should GET OVER HIMSELF, in the second instance he should merely negotiate the appropriate fee and get on with it...).
    Does Mr. Besen truly believe that his conduct really benefits the gay community?