Thursday, September 16, 2010

News Flash! Not all gays support same sex marriage... Why?

When I first began publicly fighting for equality, I was shocked to find that some gays just don’t agree with same sex marriage. I realized that I had to convince my own kind of people that they deserve the same rights as everyone else. I can only think of a handful of excuses for why any LGBT person would oppose their own rights.

1) They are total sluts who never intend to get married, but rather, prefer to keep having anonymous sex, without making any commitments.

That’s fine, for you, if that’s what you want. However, you will always have the right to expose yourself to STD’s, the rest of us want to be exposed to equality. So get your slutty ass out to the polls, and speak up for us all. Even a slut deserves equal rights!

2) They’ve lived so long without rights, that they have allowed themselves to believe they are not worthy of equality.

This is probably the most common form of internal homophobia present in our community today. Any gay person who thinks it’s cool to oppose their own rights, is just fooling him or herself. If you think so little of yourself that you don’t want or deserve the same rights as heterosexuals, then turn in your gay card, and let the rest of us keep fighting, but do not tell me I don‘t deserve marriage equality just because you‘re stupid enough to think you don‘t!

3) The last segment of self hating gays who don’t believe in their own equality, typically tend to fall into some kind of cult like religious group that has brainwashed them. They fall for the false belief that Jesus didn’t approve of gays. If your church is telling you that gays are going to hell, you’re going to the wrong fucking church! Christianity defines you as a follower of Christ. Put aside all the words written by men who weren’t Christ for a second, and ask yourself what Jesus said about homosexuality. I’ll save you some time. Jesus never said a bad word about gays. Jesus never condemned us. Jesus never judged us. Christians did, and they were not only wrong, but not true Christians. If you think you’re going to hell, because you spend a few hours a week with intolerant hypocrites who claim to follow Christ, you’re a sucker, and no seriously intelligent gay person would even want to be with you.

I’ve been told that there were actually a self hating group of gays in CA who were fighting against their own rights to vote yes on prop 8. There’s no way around it. If you vote against the equality of your own people, you’re a Judas! Plain and simple! These backstabbing bitches need to be exposed to the LGBT community, and we need to put them in their place.

Oh, I can hear the excuses right now. “I voted for John McCain because I’m not a “one issue” voter” Really? Equality is one issue? From where I stand, equality is multiple, crucial, issues, rolled into one social quest. Equality means that we can’t get kicked out of the hospital when we’re visiting our partners. It means we can’t get fired from our job if the boss discovers we’re gay. It means we can serve our country, in the military, alongside fellow citizens with the common goal of protecting America. Equality means that if your partner gets charged with a crime, you won’t have to testify against him or her. Equality means that when my partner passes away, I receive the same financial benefits that any married couple does. Equality means that the gay child who gets bullied, has his problem addressed in the same manner a straight child should. Equality means that future generations of LGBT people will face less discrimination than we did, and will integrate themselves into society with less stress. Even if you don’t give a shit about your own rights, it is no excuse for robbing our gay youth of a better future than we’ve had.

We all need to be on the same page people. There is power in numbers, and it will take all of our voices to gain the equality we deserve. Maybe you don’t like the word marriage. I don’t like the words dog shit, but if it was a term that came with 1049 rights that have been denied me, all my life, then I’d support dog shit! Marriage is not a religious tradition. If it was, then atheists wouldn’t be getting married. Marriage doesn’t belong to Christians, it belongs to everyone of every religion and those with none. Marriage is not for the purpose of procreation. If it was, then my mother wouldn’t have married 3 times, and had no children with her last 2 husbands. Infertile couples aren’t being denied marriage on this basis, why should gays? And when it comes to tradition, well, I think the tradition of slavery demonstrates how tradition must change in order to achieve the goals of our constitution which declares us all equal.

“The majority of Americans don’t support same sex marriage.” If the majority jumps off a cliff…… This is the most lame excuse of all. Since when did the majority start making the rules for the minorities? If we agreed with the majority, historically, slavery would still exist, interracial couples would never have been allowed to marry, and Christianity (the false version) would dictate all of our laws. The most iconic people of our time, rose to fame on the premise that they didn’t follow the majority, blindly. Martin Luther King, and other civil rights activists who changed the world didn’t fall for any “go with the flow of the majority” mentality. We are not sheep. We cannot allow ourselves to all be herded into the wrong direction. We must take a stand against discrimination, even if it means standing up to the majority. If we don’t, we will never receive equality.

When I was 4 years old, my parents made me watch the entire, groundbreaking series, “Roots”. In the series, a slave named Kunta Kinte was captured and beaten relentlessly. His slave owner wanted to change his name, but Kunta refused to answer to anything but Kunta. “Name Kunta!” Kunta Kinte”! He would say, over and over again. He didn’t want to let go of his identity, just because a slave driver wanted him to. Any gay man or woman who doesn’t support equality for us all, would be like Kunta saying, “Oh fuck it! Just call me John!” Don’t be a pussy! Don’t give in and never give up!


  1. According to Ian Hart of Marriage Equality USA, his efforts to get repeal Prop 8 on the recent CA mid-term ballot failed because other gay activists & gay orgs sent out email blasts urging gay people not to support this effort.
    Hart further reports that when they were out canvasing for signatures, gays they approached were rude and snotty.

    That's our community.
    What a pathetic joke.

  2. Well it's no wonder so many don't think we deserve equality with so many back biting, self hating bitches fighting their own cause. Still, they do deserve equality, even if they are absolutely idiotic, and they truly are!

  3. This post ties in with your previous one. We need to bring these phony orgs down.

  4. Another great blog post, Chaz. One comment, these crazies on the far right want to do exactly that - base all our laws on christianity.