Monday, September 20, 2010

The gay mafia does exist, and here's the evidence!

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If you’ve been following my blogs for the past few days, you will know that I am embattled in a conflict with Wayne Besen, the founder of Truth Wins Out, a non profit organization, which takes in gay dollars, who has been publicly bashing a fellow gay man in comments he’s submitted to a Christian blog called “Protect Families” The blog is monetized, so every time Besen goes there, he’s putting money in their pockets, thereby supporting them with comments and money. When I called Wayne Besen out on this, he refused to directly answer my concern, and decided to leave the following comment on the protect families blog:

Wayne Besen said...

The Chasterbator makes me laugh. The only connection to gay money this degenerate lowlife has is to the pennies various Johns left on the motel dresser after tricks. Yet he will "put me out of business." Can I stop laughing?

What we have, is a former failed porn extra in Chaz defending an admitted stalker (Nahmid) with the help of a known child molester. I'm overwhelmed by the credibility of this motley crew.

Losers of the world unite!! Creeps of America speak out!
Seriously, please keep up your little campaign. My job is to battle extremism. A nut like you shows I've angered the right people.”

Oh, you angered someone alright Wayne, but it’s the wrong people, the ones you’re supposed to be standing up for. This will ultimately be the end of your career, begging for gay dollars and enjoying tax exempt status. Had you remained focused on your own mission statement, to begin with, this blog would not exist, and everyone who reads it would never have a clue about what a fraud you really are.

Lisa Darden of HupTalent, an executive producer of LOGO’s Out Music Awards says:

Lisa: “Some people in these circles have a much better track record than others. Wayne and I both have good track records. I don't work with frauds and Wayne has had almost 5 years to prove himself to me and myself to him. We are solid- we don't agree on everything and we do some things very differently but we share a similar heart and we have a similar mission. I KNOW him and I know he is not exposing or calling your friend out for no reason. Your history is colorful too and it would behoove you to make sure you know what your talking about before you start or rather continue this mission to "call Wayne out". You may find yourself in a similar or much worse posistion one day- what goes around does, often, does come around! What I found on my own-honestly troubled me.”

Sounds like a threat to me, one she can follow up on and get sued for!

Lisa: “Apparently Nelson Garcia is a know child-molester who was convicted of possessing child porn. If true- I personally find that to be predatory and repugnant. Children need protection not to be used for sexual gratification for adults. NAMBLA is code for CHILD MOLESTORS CLUB. We have laws in place to protect children for a reason. If this behavior is in your opinion a shining beacon for the gay community- I want to turn in my card as well Carl.”

For someone who claims to have done some investigative reporting on me, Lisa should really get her facts straight. Never have I condoned Nelson Garcia’s crime, nor will I ever. I have no pity for anyone found guilty of molesting a child, and NAMBLA members need to be lined up and shot. I predicted that Wayne Besen would try to connect me to Garcia, who apparently left comments on my blog, and Besen & Lisa have done just that. I’ve never met Garcia, and I am not defending him in any way, shape or form. Besen and Lisa are only discrediting themselves by trying to make a connection that isn’t there. It’s backfiring on them, because it shows how low they will go to cover up their corruption. I have children, and I wouldn’t even allow Wayne Besen near them, much less the convicted child molester that Besen is obsessed with.

And is the following excerpt from Lisa’s e mail an attempt to black mail me into backing off of Wayne Besen and TWO? You decide.

Lisa: “Here's what I found about you....I'm not judging I'm just saying it all lends to or takes away from your credibility...I will only post one- you know there is more. “

Yeah Lisa, I know there’s more. I’m the one who put it out there. I gave Gawker a free interview the day I broke the story of my encounter with Rekers. If she had taken the time to review the hundreds of myspace blogs I’ve written, Lisa would know that I’ve been open and honest about the struggles I faced as a homeless gay youth. Where were Lisa and Wayne Besen when I needed a hand up and got nothing but a hand down my pants and a few lousy dollars to get by? Apparently, they were still thinking up ways to milk the gay community for money they don’t deserve. This is a far cry from the bullshit she wrote to me in the following quote:

Lisa: “Our focus is The Next Generation- Homeless Youth and HIV/AIDS- 40 percent of homeless Youth are GLBT many whom have been thrown out because they are gay.”

I was one of those people, and she’s trying to use the hell I went through against me. That makes her a hypocrite!

News Flash Lisa and Wayne, When you bash one homeless, gay youth who was forced into prostitution to survive, you’re bashing them all. You call this pride? I call it hypocrisy that goes against the grain of our movement entirely.

Lisa: “Carl- I have not slandered anyone. Frankly I am way too busy for this stuff. I reached out in what I thought would be a helpful way. OK I can admit when I made a mistake...writing to you was a mistake. Look these exchanges have been between us and no one else.”

Lisa never received any indication from me that her e mails were private. She contacted me, and I’m not giving her anonymity. Writing me was a mistake, because it’s exposed the truth of the matter. Lisa is Wayne Besen’s, very close, friend. Lisa is a producer of Out Music Awards. Wayne Besen is receiving an award. When you connect those dots, it’s clear that Lisa is just giving a friend more publicity and exposure than he really deserves.

Lisa on the price an artist pays to become a member of Out Music:

Lisa: “Its $100 per year and you get 2 free tickets to the OMAs and insurance and all sorts of perks. I don't get it. Its less than $10 per month and your bitching U HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING- YOU Get out there and do it- we can't do it for you and don't promise to we just give you a platform and an opportunity to be recognized as an OUT ARTIST. This is my first year Executive producing and if this the mentality of the artists. Thats sad and really concerns me. I'm busting my ass for these people why? So they can complain when they have done nothing to help?”

In this economy, the starving, gay artist needs every penny he can get. To shell out $100 to Out Music, and receive tickets that are only good if you can afford to get to the show, is a sick joke, not an opportunity. Out Music should recognize ALL openly gay artists, not just those who pay a fee to join. She finishes this last statement by saying the artists have done nothing to help. Without the artists, there would be no Out Music, it would just be Out!

Lisa: “I cannot even believe some of the things you just said and accused me of.. The gay Mafia. Really? Seriously? Come on Carl ...please wake up. What are you doing and WHY?”

I’ll tell you, and the whole world why Lisa. It’s because there is a gay mafia, and no member of it will admit to being a part of it, much like any other mafia. The proof is in the pudding.

1) Accepting money, in exchange for the possibility of airtime on a gay network.

2) Giving away achievement awards to friends who bash gays online, while so many other equality activists never receive an ounce of recognition.

3) Attempting to smear anyone who questions your motivation by insinuating that he supports child molesters, and digging up links that you think you can hold against him.

These are mafia tactics. The next thing you know Out Music will put a horse head on my pillow!

If this isn’t evidence of a gay mafia, I don’t know what is. These are some of the most influential people in the gay rights movement. And we wonder why it’s taking so long for us to achieve equality in this country! I’ll say it again, with friends like LOGO, Out Music, and Truth Wins out, the gay community needs no enemies!

Oh, and for those of you who never heard of Lisa Darden, here's an interesting fact:

Darden also worked for several years in the late 80’s and early 90’s with renowned Forensic Psychiatrist and author Dr. Martin Blinder as a personal assistant. Blinder became well known in the late 70’s for helping Dan White aquire a lighter sentence with the famed “Twinkie defense” after the murders of Gay rights advocate and first openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

Update: If you're considering writing to Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out to tell him that his lack of professionalism and brand of gay on gay hate is intolerable, consider the following response he sent one of my facebook friends, who has forwarded his e mail response to me:

date Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 1:28 AM

subject Re: TWO Contact Form


hide details Sep 19 (1 day ago)

So, let me get this straight.

You were sent by a degenerate 40-something, washed up porn extra circus act who fancies himself an indie rock spectacle named the Chazerbator, who is supporting a fake story peddled by a creep and admitted stalker, David Nahmod, with a gag order who made heavy breathing crank calls to an elderly actress, Grayson Hall. And, Nahmod and Chazerbator cavort online with a known, seemingly insane, pervert with an incoherent, rambling blog that no more than 3 people read. The credibility of this sick, twisted, motley batch of buffoons is overwhelming.

Essentially, sir, I'm proud to have such fools as detractors. It means that i am doing my job, battling nuts and extremists. I wear such criticism with a badge of honor.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh, and for those of you who never heard of Lisa Darden, here's an interesting fact:
    Darden also worked for several years in the late 80’s and early 90’s with renowned Forensic Psychiatrist and author Dr. Martin Blinder as a personal assistant. Blinder became well known in the late 70’s for helping Dan White aquire a lighter sentence with the famed “Twinkie defense” after the murders of Gay rights advocate and first openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

  2. What convicted child porn offender Nelson Garcia says:

    First off, Chaz, whatever happened occurred in the privacy of my home, on my PC. There was no child molestation.
    I had a cop try to hit on me by posing as a teen.
    Don't play yourself as a saint because you're not.
    If you can't accept and respect the fact that I accepted responsibility and try to life as such, then you have no business getting into this business with Besen either.

    What I said to Nelson Garcia:

    I'm a parent of two teen boys. I have not ever harmed any child, and I don't get off on looking at them naked. I'm not the one who is publicly bashing you, but if you think I can sympathize with you on any level, you misread me.

    These are real statements between Garcia and me. If this doesn't verify that I do not defend him in any way, I don't know what else does.

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  4. For an organization that calls themselves "Truth Wins Out" they sure do tell a shit load of lies about anyone who opposes their hypocrisy!

  5. The Out Music Awards have no relation to Logo. Logo broadcast a little coverage of the event in an episode of one of their music video shows. Logo isn't related to the awards in any way.

  6. Thank you anonymous, but the fact remains that no openly gay artist can get their songs or videos aired on LOGO without going through OutMusic. Anyone else has to act like a stereotypical fool to get on a reality show. Whoever told them they had a gay demographic, should have told them that we also have DVR and are tired of skipping through more commercials than any other network on TV. It's all bleep, bleep, bleep, commercial,commercial,commercial,commercial,commercial,bleep, bleep, bleep. That's not TV, it's a headache in a box!

  7. ProtectFamilies, keep your lies on your own page. They have no place here. This is about Wayne Besen. Until he grows the gonads to publicly apologize, I will continue to expose him as the fraud he is. You've been classified as spam!

  8. I just heard from my friend who lives in New York who just told me that the out music awards for 2010 has been canceled. What's up with that? I think some shady shit is going on. For all those who bought tickets and booked hotel rooms, get your money back! I was about to buy a ticket for $250 for all the events for it. Glad I didn't